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Car Park Shade Structures

Cantilever car park shade

We are always looking at ways that we can help our clients achieve their goals and have found through experience that there is a marked difference in both shopper stay time and choice of centre when there is shade and all weather coverage available. We specialise in site evaluation and designing fit-for-purpose structures in a variety of materials from shade mesh and pvc to metal roof car park structures.

We construct and service structures Australia wide.

Carpark shade structure

Installing Shade Structures over your car park can increase your revenue by attracting new shoppers, increasing shopper stay time, increasing the street appeal and decreasing tenant vacancies.

The shopping centre Cantilever style is ideal for car park areas. This unique structural design allows lights and cables to be seamlessly integrated within the structure to create well-lit surroundings for shoppers, enabling shoppers to feel safe and secure. Metal roof and PVC Shade Structures are an attractive, long-term solution, that provide great all water proof protection.

Greenline Shade Sails are also great for large carparks where you cover both the car parks and aisles. All Greenline structures can be adapted to either an on-grade (ground level) or top deck car parks. Our custom ‘design and construct’ methodology means that your design criteria can easily be met.