The Greenline Way

Over 20 years we’ve developed a unique process to deliver your solution as quickly as possible, with as little hassle as possible. We call it The Greenline Way.



In the first phase Greenline meets with you and we work through the factors that are important to your project.  In short, you tell us what you want, how you want it to look, when you need it and what is your budget.  School culture can really transform when changes are made deliberately and consistently, and when you have planned carefully for using your new space.  At Greenline we get excited about what can be achieved, and we are realistic about what will work. There are elements of your education delivery that you won’t want to change, so we make sure you keep the things you love which are part of your school’s culture.  Then, we listen to your ideas, your needs, your barriers and we work with you to trouble-shoot and solve your specific challenges.  We will make changes or adjustments until it’s perfect and you’re happy.

Design Image


Throughout the design phase, the Greenline team are creating the design that addresses your needs, requirements and concerns discussed during the consult phase.  This can involve 3D modelling, draft construction programming, preliminary engineering analysis and construction cost estimates.  Design engages with you regularly for input and feedback as the design, construction methodology and budget are clarified and refined.   We ask lots of questions in the strategic design phase.  Design is where all the ideas and concepts discussed during Consult are translated onto paper with the architectural drawings, layouts, design details, staging and sequencing plans, services interface, final programme and commercial agreement.    From planning permits to design solutions, we can look after everything and you can be sure that it will be done quickly and efficiently

Construct Image 2


The construction phase is the culmination of thorough investigation, creative ingenuity and strategic planning during Consult and Design.  Greenline works closely with our trusted construction partners to manage all the behind the scene detail which ensures your successful completed project.  We arrange detailed services locations, site surveys, geo-technical reporting, we explore potential water table concerns and we examine storm water management on your site.  Our robust project process allows detailed risk management which guarantees the outcomes and is underscored by trust.  The installation of your structure is performed by our experienced Operations team.  They are experts at managing live school sites with intense scrutiny around vehicle management, site security and student safety.  Watertight communication is vital, and our Operations team ensure that all staff, contractors and site contacts are united when it comes to your site safety.   We make sure that the installation period is minimal, and we complete everything as planned.  We do what we say we will.