Colours to match your school

Borrow from Natures Palette

Stuck for colour ideas and what feel you want your space to have?

Whilst shape gives a space a grounding and landscaping can soften and further cool and protect – colour is an important part of your journey that needs some consideration.

Firstly, how do you want to use your space? Who are the people who will use it and what else will be either in or around it? Often to fit with surrounding buildings or existing equipment the colour choice seems obvious and using a repetition of colours can make the space cohesive and part of the surrounding infrastructure. The only choice left is which colour, in which space..?

Greenline Shade Sails - Wodonga, VIC

Greenline use the Alphatec Powdercoat Range for structures. It is a fun range with bright solid colours to produce a big impact that deliver tough polyester thermosetting powder and is ideally used for general interior conditions, mild exterior conditions, mild steel, bright/semi bright steel, black steel and blue steel.


High quality steel shade structures

Greenline also use the Dulux Duralloy powders range for structures. Duralloy are a range of subtle, neutral solid colours including the Colorbond® steel standard colour range, delivered with warranty grade advanced durable polyester thermosetting powder.

Poly Fab fabric shade sails

Poly Fab

Greenline use Architec 400® which is a 400gsm High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric with is extremely strong and resistant to tearing. The fabric incorporates the latest in Ultra Violet (UV) stabilizers and comes with a 15  year UV warranty, the best in the industry. These new UV stabilizers also provide improved colour consistency and colourfastness.

Gale Pacific shade sails

Gale Pacific

Greenline also use Commercial 95® 340 which is designed for tension structures and shade sails and is used on a wide variety of applications.  Commercial 95® 340 offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance-free long-life performance.


Gale Pacific

Greenline also use Commercial Heavy 430 which is specifically developed for large span tension shade structures. With unparalleled biaxial stability it sets the new benchmark in architectural shade fabric. On top of this, it is also endorsed by Cancer Council, Australia’s foremost not-for-profit organisation for cancer prevention and support.’