Grants for Lawn Bowl Clubs

Getting grants funding for your lawn bowling clubs can be a challenge, especially with the amount of information out there to process.

Greenline can help you obtain the grant needed to build your desired shade cloth or structure with our simple three-step process.

Look at the guide below to see the available grants for lawn bowls clubs, how to apply for them, and what to do after acquiring one.

What does a lawn bowls club grant include? 

Funding grants for lawn bowling clubs can help improve the sport in multiple ways. This includes promoting lawn bowls, encouraging active participation, and building infrastructure to support the game.

In terms of building infrastructure, many lawn bowls grants encourage clubs to pursue creating spaces that are accommodating, functional, and for the enjoyment of community groups and patrons. 

These grants aim to provide wider recognition and participation of lawn bowling clubs within the local community, so any feature promoting these spaces is applicable for funding.

At Greenline, our shade solutions always strive to promote function and innovation, focusing on customisation to the needs and concerns of your project.

For lawn bowl clubs, we understand that there may be speciality design because of sizing or other logistical needs. 

Who provides grants for lawn bowl clubs? 

The provider of a grant is often dependent on what kind of funding you are looking for. 

Most grants for Lawn Bowls Australia come from the state government or local councils offering funding to build the local community. 

For this reason, the Australian government gives hundreds of millions in funding to sporting organisations and sports-related projects each year. Including lawn bowl clubs interested in upgrading their facilities.

Although private grants may be available through specific organisations, aiming for a government grant is always a great option as they are usually run annually and have broader eligibility requirements. 

Benefits of acquiring a Lawn Bowls Club grant

The key benefit to acquiring a lawn bowling grant for your club is that you do not have to spend a large part of your budget on improving your facilities. Instead, you can relocate those funds for other necessities. 

Of course, there are many other advantages of using funding for your lawn bowls club, including: 

  • Building your community: Funding can help upgrade your space and provide additional facilities for your community. Having extra budget from infrastructure funding can also mean you have the means to further community involvement. Namely by having an increased number of patrons and a larger space for community events. 
  • Activating and enhancing your space: Enhancing your space means more patrons and customers are encouraged to join in on the action! Grant programs for sports club development allow you to enhance your outdoor areas with shade sails, covers, and protected areas that larger groups of patrons can use. 
  • Increasing functionality and utilisation: Finally, funding allows you to increase the utilisation of your sports club facilities. A funded sports shade structure allows your patrons to use sports facilities all year round and in any weather conditions, as they are completely protected. 

Grants available for lawn bowls infrastructure

The government funding available for lawn bowling mostly falls under sports clubs and sports related projects categories.

The grants funding available are as follows:


Club Grants Category 3

Club Grants Category 3 funding is a NSW government infrastructure grant that can be used for a variety of sports facilities and projects. 

The purpose of this grant is to fund the costs of construction, alteration, renovation, completion, and fit-out of buildings and community infrastructure to deliver outcomes for disadvantaged NSW communities’. 

To be eligible you must be a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation.

Applications close on 18 December 2023 for this grant. 

For more information, check out the NSW government Infrastructure Grants page.


The Local Sports Infrastructure Fund

The Local Sports Infrastructure Fund is a state-wide competitive government program that aims to provide funding for three streams within sports infrastructure development:

  • community facilities
  • community sports lighting
  • planning

Sporting and recreation clubs, sporting associations and leagues, educational institutions, not-for-profit community organisations, businesses and individuals cannot directly apply to the Local Sports Infrastructure Fund. 

Instead, you must appeal to Local Government Authorities and Alpine Resorts Victoria to apply on your behalf.

Applications for this grant close on 13 December 2023.

Head to the Victoria State Government page for more information.

The Greenline process 

We’ve streamlined our process into three simple steps:


In the first phase, Greenline will meet with you and work through the elements of design and structure that are important to your project. 

This can include help in working out whether there is funding or grants available for your situation.

In short, you tell us what you want, how you want it to look, when you need it, and your budget. 


Throughout the design phase, the Greenline team will design a bowling green shade structure that addresses your needs, requirements and concerns discussed during the consulting phase. 

From planning permits to design solutions, we can look after everything, and you can be sure it will be done quickly and efficiently.


The construction phase culminates our thorough investigation, creative ingenuity and strategic planning during Consult and Design. 

Greenline works closely with trusted construction partners to manage all the behind-the-scenes details, ensuring a successful project.

When construction is complete, you can enjoy your new shade solution’s shade and protection.

What to do after qualifying for grant funding

After you have been approved for your grant, you can begin the design process for new infrastructure.

This presents a golden opportunity to improve your club’s space aesthetically and functionally.

At Greenline, we have the perfect option for every Lawn Bowl club.

We have shade solutions that are perfectly tailored to cover your lawn bowl green, such as:

Deciding whether you need a large shade structure or a shade sail can be a challenge, which is why we’ve set up a project estimate tool for you to work through your choices.

How Greenline can help

Not only do we design and facilitate the building of your new shade infrastructure, but we can guide you through the grant application process. 

Finding the right grant for your lawn bowls project can be tricky, so we thoroughly consult with you to understand your club’s needs and concerns. We can then help find a grant and apply with the proper documentation. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our consultants can help you through the funding process and begin to configure the shade project you seek.


Shade structures we’ve built for Lawn Bowl clubs


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