Grants for Private Schools

Finding the budget for improving and enhancing your outdoor areas within a private school can be a difficult challenge.

For school principals, supervisors and education managers, shade solutions may not be a top priority for allocating funds.

However, they are still essential for the safety and enjoyment of school students.

That is why finding and acquiring a private school infrastructure grant is a great way to ensure safe and practical play all year round. 

With an infrastructure grant, private and independent schools can look forward to completing sun protection and all-weather proofing with shade solutions from Greenline. This means that students and educators alike can enjoy playtime and learning all year round when fully protected by Greenline shade solutions. 

What is a private school infrastructure grant?

Private and independent schools are non-government schools that do not get the same government funding as public or systemic schools in Australia. 

This means they may not have the same budget for improving school education through building and infrastructure.

A private school infrastructure grant can encompass several building additions and changes that improve school education, participation and overall school satisfaction.

Providing financial assistance for infrastructure improvement in private and independent schools enhances a school’s campus and allows the school budget to be utilised for more important priorities.

What do building grants for private schools include? 

Building funding for private schools can include a multitude of developments and improvements, including:

  • Building new additions or buildings
  • Creating outdoor and hybrid spaces like COLAs
  • Building sports facilities such as swimming pools and gyms
  • Building safe play spaces, including the provision of shade structures like shade sails
  • Repairing or improving buildings within a campus
  • Building shaded facilities such as car parks, walkways and outdoor cafeterias

Who provides grants for private schools? 

Many different companies can privately fund a private school.

However, the most accessible grants are founded by state and territory governments. 

These commonwealth funding arrangements are an excellent option for private and independent schools as they have strict guidelines and eligibility to ensure that grants are only awarded to schools that need them.

What is the difference between private and public school funding? 

Private schools are non-government schools, while public schools are government-run and funded.

The main difference between private and public school funding is that public schools receive more recurrent government funding than private schools. 

Many private schools rely on increased student fees and external donations for their budget.

You can learn more about building school infrastructure with funded grants for all schools here.

Benefits of acquiring private school funding

The main benefit of acquiring a grant for private school infrastructure is that you will not have to use your own funds to improve school grounds.

Instead, your budget can be reallocated to other priorities and necessities you may have.

There are also many additional benefits to being awarded an infrastructure fund for schooling, including:

  • Creating hybrid spaces for learning: Whether you’re building a new COLA (covered outdoor learning area) or revamping a current school building, hybrid spaces are an excellent opportunity for developing learning skills. Incorporating outdoor with indoor activities has benefits and can increase students’ educational and physical participation.
  • Activating your outdoor spaces: Although outdoor spaces can be used extensively during the school day in good weather, being able to play, learn and educate outside in rain, hail, or shine activates your space. A grant for infrastructure used to build a COLA or shade structure is the perfect way to utilise the outdoors all year round and benefit non-government school students.

Grants available for private school infrastructure


The Building Grant Assistance Scheme

The Building Grant Assistance Scheme is a capital funding program for non-government schools in NSW to build, extend or upgrade their school facilities. 

To be considered for this state government funding, you must be a non-government school, operate on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis and be affiliated with a Block Grant Authority. The last round of submission for an application is on 31 March 2024. 

For more information, visit the NSW Government Grants page.


Building Fund for Non-Government Schools – Independent

The Building Fund for Non-Government Schools – Independent is government funding from Victoria dedicated to providing $450 million to low-fee catholic and independent schools to build and upgrade school campuses.

Again, to be eligible, you must be a non-government school member of the relevant Block Grant Authority. Final applications are due by February 2024. 

Visit the Victorian School Building Authority for more information on this grant.

The Greenline process 

With Greenline, we’ve streamlined the process to three easy steps:


In the initial stage, Greenline will sit down with you to thoroughly explore the vital aspects of design and structure that hold significance for your project. 

In summary, you share your preferences for aesthetics, desired look, timeline, and budget. 

If you need financial assistance from a government grants program, you can consult us at Greenline about which grant funding opportunities would work best for your circumstances.


Throughout the design phase, the Greenline team will craft a shade structure tailored to address your private school project’s needs, requirements, and concerns discussed in the consultation phase. 

From handling permits to designing solutions, we can manage all aspects with assurance of speed and efficiency.


The construction phase represents the culmination of our meticulous investigation, innovative thinking, and strategic planning conducted during the Consultation and Design phases. 

Greenline collaborates closely with trusted construction partners to oversee all the intricate details behind the scenes, ensuring the successful completion of your project. 

Upon completion, you can savour the shade and protection your new structure offers.

What to do after qualifying for grant funding

After you have been approved for your grant, you can begin hiring and building your new space. 

At Greenline, we have the perfect option for every private and independent school, with shade solutions like a Barrel Vault structure or a Shade Sail.

Deciding whether you need a large shade structure or a fabric-based shade sail can be a challenge, which is why we’ve set up a project estimate tool for you to work through your choices.

How Greenline can help

Not only do we design and facilitate the building of your new shade infrastructure, but we can guide you through the grant application process. 

Finding the right grant for your private school project can be tricky, so we provide a thorough consultation with you to understand your school’s needs and concerns. We can then help find a grant and apply with the proper documentation. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our consultants can help you through the funding process and begin to configure the shade project you seek.


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