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Every solution under the sun

We know that when it comes to designing shade, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. And while it might sound nerdy, we’re happy to admit that problem solving gives us a buzz. We’ll consider the space, the humans who use it, and how the sun fits into the picture, before applying our shade to the best effect. Maximum shade, strongest materials, longest life. While every job at Greenline shares the same objective (glorious shade), the outcomes are all kinds of unique.

Get Greenline on your team, we have the experience and technical experience to see your next shade or shelter project through to completion. We pride ourselves on engineering beautifully functional structures on time in budget.

First impressions do count

(No matter what they say)

We are acutely aware of the differences in the industries we service and know that our commercial clients (you) are looking toward how you can get your return on investment, how you can increase shopper stay time all while creating a great looking area that is relatively maintenance free. We find out what your pressure points are and what outcomes you are looking for, then we design your solution.

Calliope Bowls Club by Greenline

What about maintenance?

Depending on the type of structure you choose there is very little maintenance. The PVC material we use on lots of our weatherproof structures is designed so that it washes in the rain… It’s even smart enough to use those UV rays that it blocks to bleach the fabric to help keep it white!

Chat to us about your space and maintenance requirements and we can organise annual inspections and reporting as well as any work that may be required.

What do you have to do?

Not much really. We can take care of everything. We can organise all of the permits, development applications and any additional contractors. We love doing a turnkey project that has you getting compliments off all the staff and patrons. So, get that structure off your to do list and delegate it to us!

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