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We’ll turn your rough sketches into shady stretches

You know the potential of your space better than anyone else. Look outside and imagine people mingling, kids playing and a community forming around a space that’s purpose-built for them. All you have to do is describe it, and we can make it happen. Show us an empty space, wave your hands about or draw sketches in the sand. Our team of world-class designers and builders will translate your inspiration into spaces where communities can grow.

Make the most of your town’s urban space. Creating defined spaces where communities can congregate and engage in activities is what we do. We use the best quality materials to have your structure perform better over time with increased warranties and minimised maintenance.

Whether it’s playgrounds, carparks or pools we can provide you with a diverse range of custom designed solutions to meet any application Australia wide. There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to shade and shelter and we want to make sure you are ticking off the outcomes you want to achieve. Greenline is the preferred supplier to all NSW and Victorian councils simply because we offer high quality structures, quick turnaround times and hassle free installation. To cut a long story short, tick your next structure off your to-do list when you engage us. We’ll take care of the details so you don’t have to.

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Parks, playgrounds and urban spaces

With the family backyards shrinking, park attendance is climbing. With more activities happening at local parks and playgrounds as well as bigger events like markets and festivals it’s a great space for showing off your town or city to visitors and putting back into the community by providing a safe place for kids to play and people to relax and hang out.

A great looking park encourages people to get outdoors and make the most of their day. It encourages healthy behaviour and creates healthier communities. A great looking shade structure can define an area and make a park more appealing to use.

Lighting on shade structure.

What about maintenance?

Depending on the type of structure you choose there is very little maintenance. Shade cloth ranges in coverage size and there are even fire resistant fabric available if you have an area prone to vandalism. Vandalism can be a real issue so we developed anti-climbing devices to stop people climbing, hurting themselves and destroying property.

Chat to us about your space and maintenance requirements and we can organise annual inspections and reporting as well as any work that may be required.

What do you have to do?

Not much really. We can take care of everything. We can organise all the permits, development applications and any additional contractors. We love doing a turnkey project that has you getting compliments off all the staff and community. So, get that structure off your to do list and delegate that to us!

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