From the riverbank to the schoolyard

Across generations and cultures, Australian children share a love for the great outdoors, whether swimming under gumtrees or playing in urban backyards. To foster this outdoor culture, we work with schools to create safe spaces for kids to play and grow. Because life’s great lessons are often taught outside the classroom – where kids can play freely without fearing the sun.

The way we learn has changed. Education has changed. We are constantly looking at the challenges you face as an educator and thinking of ways to meet those needs.

The range of solutions for your shade and shelter is as diverse as the problems you face. There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to how you should cover and use an outdoor space. Whether your area is a massive assembly area, sports court or a smaller area like a playground shade, we find a way to get you the best result. We look at what you and your students use your area for, the time of day it is in use and what your desired outcomes are. Then we design your solution.

In a nutshell, we create your structure for the people who use it.

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First impressions count

When it comes to families finding a school for their kids you want your school to look amazing. Our structures transform areas, creating spaces that you can reliably use for wet weather timetabling giving students the time they need outdoors. Many schools are now using their outdoor covered spaces as ways to create more revenue for the school by hiring areas out, outside of school times.

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What about maintenance?

Depending on the type of structure you choose there is very little maintenance. The PVC fabric we use on lots of our weatherproof structures is designed so that it washes in the rain… It’s even smart enough to use those UV rays that it blocks to bleach the fabric to help keep it white! Chat to us about your space and maintenance requirements and we can organise annual inspections and reporting as well as any work that may be required.

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Outdoor Learning Environments

With the spotlight on outdoor learning environments, the education sector is being challenged to provide students with choices on the environment they learn in. Moving outdoors to learn can be a seamless experience, and having enough covered areas is key.

Greenline works with government and private schools, both primary and secondary, and universities to maximise their outdoor covered areas, and make more effective use of their land. Our design build process makes the construction of your structure cost effective, with quick turnaround times for less disruption to normal school activities.

With a single point of contact to manage your project, our turnkey capabilities are proven in incorporating other scopes such as landscaping, outdoor furniture and surfacing.

Custom Shade Structures

Covered Outdoor Learning Areas

At Greenline, we design our Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLAs) with careful consideration of your requirements, your needs, the space you’re covering and how you want to use it.  Think of your shade structure as a canopy.  In a forest, the canopy maintains optimum conditions for encouraging new growth.  In a school, we also need the best environment to encourage new growth in our students and we now know that our learning environments are critical to achieving good learning outcomes.

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What do you have to do?

Not much really. We can take care of everything. We can organise all of the permits, development applications and any additional contractors. We love doing a turnkey project that has you getting compliments off all the staff, parents and kids. So, get that structure off your to do list and delegate that to us!

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Greenline worked to our time line and delivered as per the spec. Their work was what was expected.

MBS PTY LTD - Mark Conroy

Friendly, professional communications and extensive help provided in the grant application process as well as excellent execution of the project.

Barnawartha Primary School - Bernadette Kelly

Extremely easy to deal with. Professional service. Very happy with the completed job.

Echuca East Primary School, Jodi Boal

I find engaging with Greenline completely professional. The customer service is exemplary and the three projects I have been involved in with Greenline gives me confidence in their communication, ability to meet deadlines and appease a customer, quality of work, competency in meeting regulations and OHS measures

I have great confidence in this team/company.

Wodonga Primary School - Damian Duncan - Principal

I have used Greenline for a number of years now as I have always found them to provide excellent customer service, great quality and reliability. Our most recent project was a covered walkway to provide extra shelter for our students.

From day one, the walkway was such a big hit, with so many students using it that we actually had to provide extra staff in the area for additional student supervision. Thank you Greenline.

Wyndham Central College - Bryan Wollard - Assistant Principal

From my first meeting with a Greenline representative I was very impressed with the professional presentation about the company.

The process relating to construction was very well explained with timelines, contractors details and

Overall, the finished product is absolutely great. It has exceeded all our expectations and is now a real asset for the school.

Greenline did a great job here and I would recommend them to any school wanting to develop a COLA.

Ardeer Primary School - Graham Miller - Principal

Greenline were a pleasure to deal with. Their communication was excellent and we are thrilled with the end product.

Mount Waverley Heights Primary School - Sharon Reiss-Stone - Principal

A huge thank you and congratulations to the team at Greenline for delivering BIG TIME our outdoor shade shelter. The shelter, which covers one of our outdoor basketball courts, gives our students a chance to play through all weather conditions and looks great. Their post project support has been fantastic with quick follow-ups and service to the school.

Croydon Hills Primary School - Christian Holdsworth - Principal

We found Greenline to be professional throughout our entire business relationship, from our initial communications through to the completion of our project. Their friendly, helpful advice was offered with constant consideration of our needs. Greenline were able to meet all deadlines with competency, completing our project with the highest quality of work.

Bundoora Primary School - Lee Pollard - Principal

Greenline were a professional and well organised company to work with. The finished product was of a high standard and met the school’s requirements.

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Wiley Park Public School - Rene Demos - Principal