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Integration of lighting in a canopy

When planning your new space, or covering in an existing one, the integration of lighting is critical for you getting the maximum potential from the space.  Whether it is a space designed for learning, for assembly, for sports, play, parking or a walkway, lighting is essential for achieving complete multi-purposing.

Being clear about the use of the space is essential to scope the lighting requirements. Start with thoroughly examining the intended use.  There will probably be a planned primary use and then there will be secondary uses.  Greenline then uses this information to identify relevant Australian Standards to inform the design. For example, with a sports court, we identify which specific sports lighting is required as luminosity does vary per sport and must meet the standards for competition sport.

Rules Club Shade Structure

Additional lighting considerations for a sports court may include security and motion sensors for access at night-time and possibly stage lighting for the use of the area for school assemblies. It is important to understand the different types of lighting applications, standards, fitting types, light colour and effective methods of switching lights. Switching is important – where should switches be located? Do you need a daylight sensor to turn the soft night lighting on at dusk? Do you need the ability to turn some areas on separately, and do you need dimming capability to suit different activities? Key-switches are often appropriate in school environments.


There are several standards to consider and it is often appropriate to design a solution over and above the immediate perceived needs, for example to improve the prestigious feel of a space. It may also be necessary to mix the fitting types for different applications – for instance LED flood lights in the roof are best for sports lighting but will be too bright for security and access at night-time, so soft up/down lights on the columns may suit this need better.

LED fittings are our starting point for providing durable & cost-effective lighting. It is important to look at other factors of a fitting such as lamp colour, impact resistance and level of resistance to weather and dust, so speak to us for advice on which fittings will be appropriate for your space.

Author: Stephanie Plane