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Lawn Bowls Green Dimensions

The green of lawn bowls is always square, generally 31-40m in dimensions. The playing surface can be natural grass or an approved synthetic alternative, as designated by a Member National Authority.

Choosing the right dimensions for a lawn bowls green greatly affects the game’s pace and style.

When installing a new green or refurbishing an old one, consider available space, usage, and local climate to find the perfect size for your needs.

A Brief Guide to a Lawn Bowl Green and its Dimensions

All lawn bowls are played on a green, which may be made up of naturally-grown grass or astro turf.

This green is surrounded by a gutter on all sides and is marked by various lines to divide this green into multiple rinks. Most lawn bowl greens are divided into six rinks.

It is essential to have in-depth knowledge of these markings and features when building your green for accuracy in dimensions.

The Bowling Green Dimensions

Lawn bowls is played on a square green, typically measuring 31-40 meters per side.

To maintain the grass, the direction of play rotates weekly – one week playing north-south, the next east-west.

There are flags that mark the corners, indicating distance.

The bowling green is central to the game, providing a smooth surface for the biased bowl to curve towards the smaller target ball.

Through regular rotation and careful upkeep, the green remains in immaculate condition for this classic sport.

The Ditch

A small moat surrounds the green, typically 8-12 inches wide and 2-8 inches deep. 

This ditch safely catches bowls that have gone out of bounds to prevent them from being damaged by surfaces beyond the green. 

It also operates as a boundary.

The Rinks

A green is divided into multiple rinks, with a rink number attached to each to allow participants to find their allocated space. 

The rinks run the whole length of the green, between 4.3 – 5.8m wide, and will be identified by small pegs of various colours.


There are other markers on a green beyond identifiers for each rink. While all of them may not be present on every green, you will often see:

  • A centre-line marker
  • Distance markers near the ditches to notify when jacks are out of play
  • Markers for where the mat is placed
  • Guidelines for lining up shots

Lawns Bowls Green Grants

Across Australia, grants are offered to bowling clubs needing help with their infrastructure.

Annual grants are offered to those who get in early and make a case for their needs.

Check out our grants guide for Lawn Bowl Clubs to see if a grant is available for your shade needs.

Heighten the Lawn Bowling Experience with a Shaded Structure

Lawn bowling is a beloved Australian sport, especially when the days get longer and the sun gets hotter. 

Nothing builds community quite like sharing your passion for a sport, which is why bowling clubs have become community centres for many suburbs.

With lawn bowls becoming so popular, standing out from the various clubs in the surrounding area is essential. 

Heighten your lawn bowls participants’ experience by building a shaded structure or canopy to your green’s specifications. 

Whether adding onto an existing green or looking to build a standout structure from scratch, having cover over your bowling green makes it accessible all year round.

Your bowling facility will stand out among the many clubs nearby as it offers outdoor play in the Australian sun and indoor greens without taking away the pleasure of being outside in the world.

Find out more about our Lawn Bowl structures.

Why Fit Out Your Lawn Bowls Greens with a Shade Structure?

Adding a canopy to your bowling green offers various benefits to your bowling club’s appeal and the comfort of your members. 

The benefits of a shade structure fitted precisely to your green’s dimensions include:

  • Year-round games: With a canopy protecting your green from hail, rain, and shine, members can enjoy a game of bowls whenever they wish. This flexibility will draw in additional patrons and profits while encouraging existing members to consistently take advantage of the green.
  • Protect the turf: For those with natural grass, you can prevent it from drying out in Summer or bogging in Winter with a handy canopy. Even those with astroturf can benefit from a canopy as the rain can cause the green to be unmanageable for play. With overhead protection, there is no need to worry.
  • Improved comfort: With shade encompassing the green and any seating arrangements, bowling participants can enjoy playing for hours on end as they’re protected from sun and rain. The hot summer months will be a breeze as players wait for their turn in the cool shade, and not a drop of rain will touch anyone or any rink during the cooler months. Maximum comfort no matter the weather!

Types of Shaded Shelters for Lawn Bowls Greens

Star Structures

For those needing a smaller shade structure, the star structure offers a hyperbolic paraboloid shape perfect for shading player or spectator seating areas.

Barrel Vault Structures

If you have a single large green or multiple, the barrel vault is a permanent and sturdy form of protection. The tensile membrane structure suits any outdoor sports and recreation.

Shade Sail Structures

The durable stretched fabric of shade sails is perfect when shade is needed, and there is minimal waterproofing or weather resistance. However, it is important to note that this structure offers the lowest level of sun protection.

Alternate Shade Structures

If your bowling club needs additional shade structures for areas beyond the green, we also offer alternate products for walkways, spectator areas, and even car parks. There is no end to what Greenline can provide you and your business.

Existing Greenline Lawn Bowls Greens Projects

Check out our extensive project portfolio for bowling clubs to get an idea of how you can upgrade your bowling green with Greenline.


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Greenline Materials

Here at Greenline, we offer two types of materials for our structures: fabric and hard-roof. 

Depending on how you wish to upgrade your bowling green and match it to the rest of your infrastructure, you can choose products from either material.

Shade Protection

Shade cloth or shade mesh (HDPE mesh) can be utilised for both star structures and shade sails. These woven fabrics provide shade from the sun so everyone can use your lawn bowls green, knowing they have complete sun protection. 

All-Weather Protection

Fabric Structures

Fabric structures, also known as shade sails, are made with either PVC or PTFE. 

All fabrics are UV resistant, protecting your customers from the sun’s harshness as needed. The fabrics also have varied levels of waterproofing to suit any climate, meaning that your lawn bowls green are accessible year-round. 

Hard-Roof Structures

Hard-roof structures are also referred to as steel roofs due to the prominence of steel in their construction. This structure is the most durable option offered by Greenline and protects from the elements throughout the year.

Other metals may be used, but all structures have 100% UV protection and weatherproofing.

The Greenline Process

If you are ready to start building a shade structure to your bowling green’s exact dimensions, Greenline can help you out with three easy steps:


From the get-go, Greenline will meet with you to discuss your needs and determine a design that best suits your project. 

This step includes aid in determining whether there is funding or grants available for your situation.

In short, you tell us what you want, how you want it to look, when you need it, and your budget. 


The following design phase has a dedicated Greenline team working hard to lay the blueprints of your new bowling green shade.

Each design is made to the specifications discussed in step one.

From planning permits to design solutions, we efficiently take care of everything for you.


The construction phase culminates our thorough investigation, creative ingenuity and strategic planning. 

This step involves Greenline working alongside trusted construction partners to manage all the behind-the-scenes details, which ensures your completed project.

In a matter of time, you will be able to enjoy the shade and protection provided by your new shade solution.

Go Grand with Greenline

With over 20 years of experience in providing Australians with the cover they have been looking for, Greenline leads the shade solutions industry. 

No matter the project at hand, whether it is for your future bowling green or another infrastructure upgrade, Greenline is ready to take on the challenge.

Get in touch with us today to bowl your way into the hearts of your members.


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