Structure Types

This is a star structure shade sail.

Star Structures

One post… massive shade. Greenline’s Star structure provides a large covered area on single central or corner column. 

Size: 6m to 12m typically.
Typical Applications: Learning spaces, urban spaces, pools, parks, eating areas.
Key Design Advantages: Maximum shade with minimum posts.
Coverage Options: PVC, shade fabric.




Basketball court shade structure

Barrel Vaults

Put clever engineering to work to create your space. Large clear spans with minimal support steelwork, plus infinite flexibility in design, all help make this one of the most attractive tensile membrane structures you’ll find.

Size: [W] 6m to 40m typically, up to 100m. [L] 6m to 100m typically, but not limited.
Typical Applications: Sports courts, bowling greens, commercial pools, school quads, aircraft hangars.
Key Design Advantages: Large clear span, blocks 100% UVR, lower edges for maximum weather protection, higher centre for sports clearances, anti-glare.
Coverage Options: PVC, shade fabric or metal.



Bright coloured shade sails.

Shade Sails

The high and low posts keep the sail tight while optimising shading to the area. The sail is possibly the most cost effective type of shade structure.

Size: 6m to 20m typically.
Typical Applications: Outdoor learning areas, playgrounds, pools side areas, car parks and walkways, outdoor eating areas, council parks and gardens.
Key Design Advantages: Cost effective, stylish, good UV protection, flexible design.
Coverage Options: PVC, shade fabric.



Custom steel structures for schools. This is also known as a School COLA.


A metal roof or COLA (covered outdoor learning area) structure is a cost-effective, steel shade solution for schools needing waterproof cover to their sports courts, playgrounds and quadrangles. Options of the traditional gable or curved style mean your COLA structure can effortlessly fit in with the existing architecture.

Size: [W] 6m to 50m typically, up to 100m. [L] 6m to 150m typically, but not limited.
Typical Applications: Schools, shopping centres, recreational areas, car parks, bus shelters, quadrangles, playground equipment, sports courts.
Key Design Advantages: Robust, cost effective, excellent vandal resistance.
Coverage Options: Metal, options for skylights and acoustic paneling.



A picture of a Cantilever.


A Cantilever structure provides shade right where you want it!

The columns are in a line to one side of the area and the supporting rafters span out over the area, pinpointing the shade where it’s needed most. When you need shade but can’t have columns at the extremities, this is the obvious choice.

Hundreds of Greenline Cantilever structures have been installed in shopping centre car parks across Australia, because it is the most practical, stylish and long-lasting option. These are most often used in car parks because Australian Standards (AS2890.1) restricts post placement.

Size: [W] 4m to 15m typically, up to 25m. [L] 6m to 50m typically, but not limited.
Typical Applications: Car parks, pools, awnings against buildings, walkways, courtyards, restaurants.
Key Design Advantages: Posts offset to maximise shade + accessibility.
Coverage Options: PVC, shade fabric or metal.

Ballina fair shade umbrella conic structure


The high centre peak of the Conic shade structure provides a striking aesthetic feature, creating a unique ambience unmatched by any other structure.

Also known as a pavilion shape, or even just a ‘circus tent’, large areas can be covered with minimal columns, meaning you have better scope to use your space.

The low perimeter gives good all day cover, and the high centre point creates a spacious feel without compromising weather protection.

Size: 4m to 50m typically, but not limited.
Typical Applications: Schools, pool areas, quadrangles, playgrounds.
Key Design Advantages: Maximum weather protection with fantastic style.
Coverage Options: PVC, shade fabric.