Commercial Shade Structures

If you are looking for the next thing to transform your commercial space, look no further than Greenline’s commercial shade structures. Designed and built to last with style in mind, your outdoor areas will be elevated beyond your wildest expectations.


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Shade structures for schools, councils, shopping centres, sports clubs & other commercial spaces

We design and construct custom shade structures for a wide range of different commercial applications. With many quality designs, colours, materials and fabrics, Greenline is the go-to for custom-designed commercial shade structures for any business or organisation.

Rosanna Primary School shade sails

What is a shade structure?

A “shade structure” is an umbrella term for permanent or temporary outdoor structures designed to provide shade or protection from the elements.

With many different designs and materials, shade structures can be used across various industries such as government, schools, private business and sport/recreation.

fabric structures for schools

Common applications for shade structures

The most common commercial applications for shade structures include:

  • Playgrounds
  • Outdoor Learning Areas
  • Sandpits
  • Over entryways
  • To cover steps/amphitheatres
  • Cafeteria areas

Ultimately, any area where people gather to sit, stand, or engage in outdoor activities under the sun is an ideal location for a commercial shade structure. 

Greenline’s custom commercial shade structure designs 

Our shade structures come in a variety of designs. Browse each of our most popular design choices to discover the possibilities: 

This is a star structure shade sail.

Shade sail

The classic shade sail is popular for shading smaller areas like playgrounds or seating areas. Using a shade cloth or PVC sail on 2 or 3 poles, the straightforward design of commercial shade sails always stands out.

St Francis Xavier Officer Sports Court Cover

Barrel vault

The barrel vault is a tensile membrane structure that stretches PVC fabric over an arched steel framework. This custom shade structure is perfect for covering large commercial areas like a sports court. 


The covered outdoor learning area (COLA)  is generally a large steel shade structure commonly used in school quadrangles to provide rain and UV protection over large spaces. 

The COLA does not always necessarily need to be large, with a versatile design it can be used to cover walkways or smaller seating areas. A COLA can offer ample shade as long as it’s a square or rectangular shape.

star structure

Star structure

The star structure has one pole with extending arms with a tensioned fabric to shade the area below. These are great for smaller areas and make a stylish statement in commercial applications.

A picture of a cantilever.


A cantilever design uses poles on one side with fabric stretched over a curved top. They efficiently shade large areas without obstructing the ground space too heavily, making them perfect for walkways, car parks and other places where poles on both sides would be impractical.

Ballina fair shade umbrella conic structure


The conic structure uses an umbrella design with one central pole to protect the desired area. The height and dimensions are easily customised to suit various spaces and sizing requirements. 

What sizes can you get for a commercial shade structure?

We offer custom commercial shade structures in various sizes and designs. The available size of the structure will depend on the design and materials you choose. 

For example, a steel COLA will not have a strict size limit, but a shade sail can’t span further than 12 metres wide. A fabric barrel vault structure is an excellent tensile fabric option to cover large areas. 

The short answer is that because of the wide range of custom-designed commercial shade structures we offer at Greenline, we can accommodate very small or large areas using different designs, engineering and materials. 

The benefits of a commercial shade structure

In a country like Australia, with such intense UV levels and often unpredictable weather conditions, the benefits of a commercial shade structure speak for themselves. Here are some of the top benefits our custom structures can bring to your business or organisation.

Make your space sun safe

Reduce the risk of sun and heat-related injuries on high UV days with a commercial shade structure. Depending on the type of material you choose, you can block between 90-100% UV, making your outdoor space safer for everyone using it.   

Use your existing facilities for more of the year

Say goodbye to rained-out events for good! Gain peace of mind knowing that your facilities can be used all year round, whether sporting or alfresco dining. Things that are impacted on hot days, like burning playground equipment, can also be used on hot days. 

Revamp unused space

Breathe new life into underutilised, transforming it into a valuable and collaborative space. Whether adding a seating area or expanding existing facilities, a commercial shade structure will add value to any outdoor area. 

More teaching options for schools

Create outdoor learning spaces for students and teachers at your school to enjoy learning in the fresh air! Outdoor learning has recently gained traction as a creative way to boost student engagement and motivation. 

High quality Shade fabric

Fabric type and colour options

Our COLA shade structures have a steel cover, but many other designs use a tensioned fabric as the shade-providing cover. Let’s go over the two different types of fabric. 

Shade cloth 

  • 90-95% UV protection
  • Not waterproof
  • 10-25% light transmission
  • Extensive range of colours to choose from

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

  • 100% UV protection
  • Waterproof
  • 9-13% light transmission 
  • There is a less extensive range of colours to choose from

Steel finish type and colour options

The steel type and finish are key to a long-lasting commercial shade structure. Here’s what we have on offer. 

Powder coating 

  • Durability: High
  • Vandal resistance: Available as an add-on 
  • Colour options: Wide range
  • Value: Best value for money with high durability and extensive colour range
  • Process: Steel is sandblasted, coated with a zinc-rich prime coat and then powder-coated and baked

Hot dip galvanising

  • Durability: High 
  • Vandal resistance: Yes, it comes as the standard 
  • Colour options: Grey finish only 
  • Value: Good value – least expensive with built-in vandal resistance and high durability, but you miss out on colour options.
  • Process: Steel is dipped in an acid bath or sandblasted, then dipped in a zinc bath 

Two pack paint  

  • Durability: High
  • Vandal resistance: Available as an add-on
  • Colour options: Wide range 
  • Value: This is the most expensive option; however, it does offer the most extensive colour range available
  • Process: Steel is sandblasted and then coated with a zinc-rich primer, a mid-coat, and a top-coat

How to clean and maintain your commercial shade structure

At Greenline, we pride ourselves on having relatively low-maintenance shade solutions. However, cleaning and maintenance needs will vary depending on the material and design of the shade structure.

We recommend that no matter the structure type, our clients get a routine inspection yearly to check the structure for damage and identify any maintenance needs.

Huxley Wallace | Project Consultant

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