Commercial Car Park Shade Sails And Structures

Create a new level of protection for people and their cars with Greenline’s range of car park shade structures.

Our shade solutions cater to all commercial car parks, accounting for size, necessity, and weather protection.

Whether you are looking to cover entire parking lots in shopping centres or keep customers shaded while on their weekly grocery run, Greenline has the solution.


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Shade Solutions for Any Car Park Structure

All car park structures can find their matching shade solution with Greenline’s extensive range of shade fabrics and barrel vaults.

Our materials are made to be aesthetically pleasing and resistant to any weather conditions, making them durable shade solutions that will protect your car from the sun, rain, and wind for years to come.

This durability extends to all aspects of our car park shade structures, including waterproof fabrics on our shade sails.

Take your pick of fabric colours to ensure your car park shade solution matches your business’s aesthetic and brand.

That way, all customers know they are in the right place for all their needs.

The supports on our designs are also made to last, using high-grade steel and powder-coated to ensure they look great for many years.

There is no need to worry about finding more car park shade solutions when we’ve built our shade to withstand the elements and wear of time.

All vehicles will be well-protected under the cover of your newest car park shade structure, and customers can experience a hassle-free shop at your business, knowing their vehicle is safe.

Car Park Shade Sails

What are the Different Types of Parking Shades for Cars?

There is more than one shade solution for your car park.

When protecting your car park, it is best to consider what kind of customer experience you wish to provide.

For example, car dealerships will likely prefer something completely weatherproof and hardy to protect customers’ cars and the vehicles they sell.

The commercial shade structures for car parks that Greenline offer include:

  • Shade sails: We provide custom shade sails designed to fit any space you need coverage on. The simple fabric material simplifies installation by protecting from 90-100% UV rays. You can also choose from our waterproof fabrics to provide additional cover from rain and keep your customers dry and happy.
  • Barrel vaults: For larger car park spaces, the barrel vault shade structure is the best solution from Greenline. Our vaults are hardy enough to stand against all elements while providing a wide-open space to fit a range of customer vehicles. Whether you choose a PVC fabric or steel frame, your customers are guaranteed an extensive experience of protection and safety.
  • Star structures: Car parks on a smaller scale can benefit from using a star structure as a shade solution. These shade fabrics are perfectly suited to provide coverage in tight spaces as they only use two poles for their foundation. The waterproof fabric and reinforced seams make these simple sails incredibly sturdy and capable of standing the test of time.
shade strucutres

What are the Benefits of Car Parking Shades?

We sometimes experience some pretty wild weather in Australia and often get both extremes.

Many weather elements, from the scorching sun to heavy rainfall, can damage cars. That is why car park shade structures are essential for protecting our vehicles.

When it comes to extensive exposure to UV rays, the sun can damage your car’s exterior and interior.

The outside paint is likely to chip or crack, while the sun steadily bleaches the interior fabric and causes it to fade.

sahde structures

To protect a car’s resale value and appearance, it is essential to keep it in the shade whenever possible. Hence, finding a car park that offers sufficient shade structures is necessary.

While not every commercial space is suited to having full undercover car parks, building car park shade structures over top-side spaces can provide the same benefits.

These include:

  • Increasing the amount of time shoppers feel comfortable leaving their car outside, thus increasing income for stores.
  • Rooftop car parks with shade structures can also lower the temperature load of the building.
  • Overall, improve the ambient temperature of the car park on hot days.
  • Keep all vehicles well-protected at all times.

With Greenline’s help, you can create a covered parking area that gives you the same protection without the bulky structures and expense.

Huxley Wallace | Project Consultant (NSW)
Greg Dovan | Project Consultant (Victoria)

Custom Design Your Car Park Shade Structure with Greenline’s Experts

Take your dream car park shade solution to the drawing board and make it a reality with Greenline.

Our design experts will customise your car park shade structure to suit your commercial needs.

Whether you are looking for the sheer size of a double bay design or the simple practicality of a shade sail, we have the shade solution for you.

When it comes to car shade structures, we are the local experts you can trust to get the job done right the first time.

So contact us today to install the car park shade solution that will enhance customers’ experience, increase shoppers’ time, and give your businesses more chances to generate profits.

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What are the Car Park Design Standards in Australia?

There are standards for how car parks are designed in Australia based on 4 key factors:

  1. Land use and zoning regulations,
  2. Vehicle types and sizes,
  3. Accessibility, and
  4. Building size or purpose.

Before choosing what car park shade structures best suit your customers’ vehicles, check that everything meets national design standards.

What Kind of Fabric is Used For Parking Shades?

Multiple fabric types can be used to create car park shade structures. The most common fabrics used in commercial car parks are high-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), knit fabrics, or steel.