Commercial Shade Sails

Our high-quality commercial shade sails offer UV protection and add style to outdoor spaces across various industries, including recreation, education, and government. With UV-protective and waterproofing options, our commercial sails ensure your facilities are usable and safe all year round.


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Custom Designed Commercial Shade Sails

Our experience has taught us time and time again that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to commercial shade structures. Our attention to detail ensures that every client receives an expertly designed and engineered custom shade sail of the highest quality.

What is a Commercial Shade Sail?

A commercial-grade shade sail is one of the most common shade structures, particularly in the education sector and for local councils. They are made up of a tensioned fabric, usually shade cloth, attached to 3 or 4 steel posts. They are designed to provide sun protection to the shaded area all year round.

Uses for Commercial Sail Shade

Any place where people gather or play in the sun is ideal for shade sails, keeping people safe from harmful UV rays. Here are some of the most common applications of our shade sails:

  • School or council playgrounds
  • Poolside seating
  • Sand pits
  • Public outdoor seating areas
  • Eating areas
  • Outdoor learning areas

Commercial Sun Shade Sizes

Most of Greenline’s sails are between 6m x 6m and 12m x 12m. However, every one of our sail shades is completely customisable, with a limit of a 20m span per sail. The customisable nature of our offerings means we can deliver a sail specific to the size and specifications of every site we work with.

For larger areas, we can install multiple shade sails with shared poles to create cost-effective shading solutions.

<h2>How we Ensure Top Quality Shade Sails at Greenline</h2>
<li><strong>Tight, well-tensioned fabric</strong>: Our shade sails feature tight, well-tensioned fabric that won’t flap in the wind, ensuring safety and longevity.</li>
<li><strong>Customised fabric options</strong>: Select the right type of fabric for your needs, whether it’s waterproof or offers varying degrees of UV protection. Choose between shade cloth (90-98% UV blockage) or PVC (100% UV protection).</li>
<li><strong>Welded connections</strong>: To avoid rusting and moisture issues, we offer welded connections instead of bolts, ensuring the longevity of your shade structure.</li>
<li><strong>Reinforced seams and corners</strong>: Our shade sails are designed with reinforced seams and corners to minimise the risk of tears or rips for a longer life span.</li>
<li><strong>Site-specific engineering</strong>: We consider factors like the location of your site and the structure within it to maximise longevity and minimise maintenance requirements.</li>

Benefits of Commercial Shade Sails

Create a sun-safe space

Protect people who use your facilities from sun and heat-induced injuries with UV-protective commercial shade sails where they spend time outdoors. Our shade cloth protects from 90-95% UV, and our polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabric blocks out 100% of UV rays.

Revitalise stale areas

Breathe new life into forgotten spaces by adding a functional and stylish shade sail. Our sails can turn uncharted territory and boring corners into collaborative seating areas or learning hubs, creating a well worthwhile return on investment for management.

Make facilities usable all year round

Our sun shades can allow year-round use for equipment that usually gets too hot in summer or seating areas that are unbearable to sit at when the sun is beating down. If you choose our waterproof PVC fabric, and our waterproof shade sails will protect shaded areas in rainy weather.

Create collaborative spaces

Particularly for schools, our commercial shade sails can open up exciting avenues for outdoor classrooms and collaborative environments. Picture a space outside the classroom where students can take a break from their routine and get new ideas flowing outdoors.

What about maintenance?

Generally, our shade sails’ maintenance requirements are minimal – particularly if you opt for PVC fabric. Our PVC is self-cleaning in the rain and is kept white by bleaching from UV rays.

Throughout the planning process of your project, we will discuss any maintenance requirements with you and offer our help with annual inspections and cleaning or updating duties. Ultimately, it will never be much work for you to maintain your shade sail. 

Huxley | Project Consultant

Get a commercial shade sail of unmatched quality from Greenline

We are acutely aware of the differences in the industries we service and know that our commercial clients are looking to get a return on investment while creating a stylish area that is relatively maintenance-free.

At Greenline, we find out what your pressure points are and what outcomes you are looking for, and then we design your solution. Contact us today to get started on your shade sail project, and we can take care of every last detail for you!