Custom Shade Sails

If you are searching for something to transform the outdoor spaces at your business or organisation, Greenline’s custom shade structures are the answer.

Offering a diverse range of completely customisable shade solutions, we can craft the perfect structure to the exact specifications of your site. With UV protective and waterproof roofing options, everything down to the material, design and colour is up to you.

With great service and great communication, we are there taking care of everything every step of the way for all our custom shade projects.


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Custom Shade Sails

What makes a shade structure custom?

At Greenline, our custom shade structures are designed separately for every site, client and project to suit everyone’s individual needs and wants for their commercial shade structures.

We have basic ‘design types’ that we offer, but the details of every project are completely customisable. The ability to get a shade structure that is made specifically for your space is what makes Greenline stand out from the competition.

shade structures for schools

Benefits of high-quality custom shade solutions

A custom shade structure can bring countless benefits to every kind of commercial space. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Create safer outdoor areas

All of our custom structures offer a high level of UV protection (over 90%), so you can rest assured that the people who use your outdoor spaces are safe from sunburn and other heat-related issues. With our waterproof options, you can also reduce slip hazards within your facilities to lower the risk of injuries.

A tailored design

Receive a custom design catered to your site and vision. Our structures are designed with you and your space in mind and we ask for your feedback on initial plans so we can tweak everything until it is perfect in your eyes.

Increased usability

Improve the usability of your spaces all year round. Whether for sports courts that can’t be used in the rain, playground equipment that gets too hot in the sun, or seating areas that are only usable on pleasant days – say goodbye to the weather getting in the way for good.

Revamp stale spaces

Breathe new life into forgotten corners of your establishment with a custom shade structure designed and built to level up the usefulness and aesthetics of the site. Watch your site transform from boring and empty to a lively, collaborative space.

Better your brand

Whether you are a business wanting to gain attention or a school hoping to boost enrolment, there is no better way to improve your brand image than a stylish new shade structure for all to see. A well-designed custom shade solution shows the community that you care about your facilities and the people who spend their time at your business or organisation.

Simplified regulation compliance

We take note of the council’s building regulations in your area and take care of the permit process if needed. Plus, because of the customisation we offer we can easily ensure that our designs are kept in compliance with any current regulations in your location.

Types of custom-made shade structures

We offer a diverse range of custom commercial steel shade structures that follow a few basic structural designs. These are the blueprints to choose from, and then all the details and special finishing touches are up to you.

This is a star structure shade sail.

Star Structures

Our custom star structures are designed with a single post and a fabric cover stretched over braced arms extending from the central column. With only one pole in the ground, these structures do a great job of providing shade for small outdoor areas without cluttering the ground.

Specifically crafted for smaller spaces, they can be personalised with either a centre or corner post, extending over a tight area. This makes them just right for spots like sand pits, outdoor seating, poolside areas, and outdoor learning areas.

Permanent shade structure for sports courts

Barrel Vaults

Custom barrel vault structures feature an arched steel frame covered with high-tension polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabric, typically spanning a minimum of 15-20 metres. The curved design of these structures provides height clearance without requiring central posts that block the middle ground.

They are suitable for covering swimming pools and multipurpose areas such as school quadrangles.

Barrel vaults are most commonly installed over sports courts due to their capacity to span large distances with generous clearance.

Greenline Shade Sails - Wodonga, VIC

Shade Sails

Our custom-made shade sails are a popular choice for a stylish and functional shade structure covering smaller spaces. They are made from a fabric sail (shade cloth or PVC material) attached to either 3 or 4 poles. We can also customise these structures to have multiple sails coming from shared poles to shade a greater area.

Greenline’s custom shade sails can be seen in schools, council playgrounds and businesses around Australia. Their popularity is a testament to their quality, simplicity and aesthetic.

Custom steel structures for schools. This is also known as a School COLA.

Covered Outdoor Learning Area Structures

Covered outdoor learning area (COLA) structures are (usually) large steel shade solutions that are most commonly used in schools as covers for quadrangles and multipurpose areas, and also longer narrow walkway covers.

Our custom COLAs are so versatile that we can design them to fit pretty much any application, so the sky’s the limit no matter the industry or your sizing needs.

Cantilever Structures

A cantilever structure features posts positioned on only one side with curved shade supports that project outward to offer overhead protection. The arched design of the roof facilitates effective water drainage and provides ample shade coverage.

The roofing material can consist of tensioned fabric or steel. Cantilever structures are incredibly adaptable and suitable for various applications. Car parks, walkways, sports seating areas, and amphitheatres are common places where our cantilever structures are installed.

Ballina fair shade umbrella conic structure

Conic Structures

A conic structure is a cone-shaped shade solution that we can customise to suit small or large spaces. A single central supporting post allows the rest of the ground to be relatively inhibited by steel poles and supports. This basic design opens up opportunities for many different final products suitable for a range of applications.

Areas we serve

With our headquarters in Wagga Wagga, we serve New South Wales and Victoria for the majority of our projects.

We can however provide our services for custom commercial shade structures across Australia and even internationally for large projects.

Reach out to our team for details on whether we can serve you if you are outside of our usual territories and looking to make something great together.

Huxley Wallace | Project Consultant (NSW)
Greg Dovan | Project Consultant (Victoria)

Need a custom shade sail in Australia?

Imagine a shade structure that is designed down to the fine details to fit your organisation or business landscape.

With Greenline’s customisable shade solutions, not only will you receive a structure that makes your space more safe and usable, but one that seamlessly integrates into its environment elevating its surroundings.

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