Outdoor Shade Sails

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PVC shade structure for eating area

Maximize Your Outdoor Areas

Many commercial and public spaces have outdoor areas for people to enjoy. But when the sun beats down or the rain begins, these spaces can become unusable.  Greenline offers outdoor sails that provide excellent UV protection so that these spaces can be used without people worrying about harmful UV rays damaging their skin.

We’ve got plenty of different shade structure types to choose from, so you can maximise your outdoor areas all year round, whatever the weather!

Cantilever - Shade

No space too big or small

Whether you need a small shade sail for an outdoor seating area or you want to cover a larger space, we can help. We can design and install the perfect solution, such as conic shades for table settings and other small areas. For a bit more coverage, we’ve got the popular ‘star’ design which only requires one post but delivers plenty of coverage for your outdoor area.


The Cantilever shade design is also extremely popular and only requires posts on one side, giving you maximum coverage with fewer posts. We also have shade sails in the classic hypar (twisted) design, which gives excellent shade, is cost-effective and also adds to the visual appeal of any outdoor space.

Shade structure clearances and height regulations

Customised sails

All of our shade sails are highly customisable, so we’re confident we can design the perfect solution for outdoor space. It’s all about giving you shade where you need it most, so whether that’s at a pool or over some playground equipment, we can make it happen.


We can work with you to provide the right shade solutions for your space, meaning you can get on with building the rest of your outdoor areas while we take care of the shade.

A range of colours to choose from

You will have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a colour for your outdoor shade sails,. Many people favour a traditional neutral coloured sail, but we also have a range of bright colours to choose from.  You can match the sail colour to existing buildings in the space, or match it to your brand colours – this works especially well for schools and sports clubs. 


For the steel, you have the choice between galvanised (raw/grey finish) and powder coating. High-quality powder-coated steel ensures your chosen colours will last for years without chipping or cracking. With the shade sail fabric also available in a large range of colours, if you’re installing multiple sails, you can even mix and match for a unique and vibrant result!.

Huxley Wallace | Project Consultant (NSW)
Greg Dovan | Project Consultant (Victoria)

The Best Outdoor Canvas Sun Shades

We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do, and that’s delivering innovative, customised outdoor shade sails to our valued customers. From small outdoor areas to expansive venues, we’ve got the biggest range and the expertise to give you the shade you need. We’re proudly Australian owned, and we guarantee you’ll love our commitment to genuine personalised service. Contact the friendly team at Greenline today, and find out how we can help.

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