Commercial Playground & Park Shade Sail Structure

Before you open up your newest playground or park project in the local community, don’t forget to include shade protection for the well-being of visiting families! 

A day in the community playgrounds provides plenty of fun and memories, but without shade sails, it can also provide plenty of harmful UV rays.

Luckily, Greenline offers shade solutions you can trust to protect any park or playground visitors, no matter the weather. 

We use only the highest quality materials for our park and playground shade sails, protecting everyone from rain, hail, or shine.

Whether it is the children hitting up the playground equipment, or the parents enjoying a chat while observing, everyone benefits from a shade structure.


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Keep Your Kids Cool with Playground Shade Structures

There’s nothing more exciting to children than exploring local parks or climbing around on play equipment.

However, these activities are often done during the daytime, when the sun is at its highest and harshest. 

That’s why it’s so integral to ensure that all playgrounds provide UV protection. Especially for children, who are more vulnerable to heat exhaustion or sunburn.

Keep your play area within Australian standards of sun protection by installing multiple shade sails. 

When sunscreen or hats are forgotten, these structures are what prevent skin damage from the sun and cases of children overheating. 

The careful application of a shade sail can also keep playground equipment from becoming too hot, allowing the fun to remain safe and ongoing.

A playground shade sail from Greenline is made from durable and unique materials, providing 98% protection from UV rays. 

You can be assured that any visitors to your playground will find themselves feeling comfortable and cool all day long with the completed coverage of shade sails.

Additionally, the low maintenance required for our shade sails’ upkeep means that once the finished product is installed, you can sit back and observe the joy and protection our shade structures bring to the public.

shade cover for playgrounds

Create a Communal Play and Learning Space with Shade Sails

Keeping play equipment shaded for children to enjoy some fun is not the only benefit of installing a shade sail. 

The cover provided by these shade structures creates a functional and comfortable outdoor learning space for the public or schools.

Bring the classroom outside by making a safe space for children to learn and engage with new concepts.

All recreational areas have the potential to teach new skills, physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Playgrounds are no different as the area offers children plenty of chances to explore and imagine, which helps them develop and grow.

shade cover for playgrounds

Custom Design and Unique Visuals With Playground Shade Sails

Design a welcoming environment for your playground project with a multitude of shapes and colours available for Greenline’s shade sails. 

Our shade structures come in a range of different sizes and bright colours, perfectly suited for any playground and its equipment.

All of our shade sails are customisable, meaning you can kindly extend the shade beyond the playground.

Parents and guardians can get in on the sheltered action as they catch up and watch their children have fun.

Check out our full range of shade structures or begin collaborating with our expert designers to create your own playground shade sail.

shade cover for playgrounds

Council Playground Shade Structures

If it is cost-effective UV protection your council playground needs, then it is a shade structure from Greenline you should get. 

We customise our existing playground shade sail designs to provide a range of solutions for any outdoor play area.

Some of our specialised services for kids’ health and safety in the sun include:

  • Anti-climbing devices for posts
  • Durable coatings and vandalism protection
  • Bird-proofing to minimise maintenance and cleaning

However, we are always open to working to your council playground’s specifications. 

After all, the best design is one not just made with safety or longevity in mind, but one that suits the specific needs of an area.

most effective playground shade structures for councils

Huxley Wallace | Project Consultant (NSW)
Greg Dovan | Project Consultant (Victoria)

Build Your Playground With Shade Through Greenline

With over 20+ years of experience in the shade structures industry, you can trust the experts at Greenline to bring shade to your playgrounds and parks. 

We take the safety of children and their well-being incredibly seriously, which is why our shade sail fabric is made to withstand the elements and anything else nature has to offer.

Leave the hard work of designing and installing a suitable playground shade structure to us. 

One of our experienced team members is ready to get the process started once you contact us. 

After that, just sit back and admire the creation of the newest addition to your community’s play equipment.

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How Much Do Shade Sails Cost for Playgrounds?

There is no set cost for playground shade structures. 

This is because shade sails vary greatly between differently sized playgrounds and how much coverage is desired. 

On average, however, large shade sails can cost $2,000 – $10,000 or more.

What is the Difference Between Playground and Car Park Shade Sails?

The differences between playground and car park shade sails are purely dependent on the choices made by the customer.

These differences are typically found in size, waterproofing, and complexity of design.

This is because most shade sails are similar, even when used for varied purposes, unless changed by a designer.

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