Playground Shade Sails

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Shade Solutions For Parks and Playgrounds

With over 20 years of experience designing and building playground shade sails, we now offer a range of innovative solutions to keep the kids safe while they enjoy climbing and jumping in the great outdoors. Our team has delivered shade solutions for all types of playgrounds, from small daycare centre play areas to large council playgrounds in parks. There’s no playground we can’t cover, and our flexible, customisable shade structures give you all the choices you need to make your play areas as safe as they are beautiful.

Playgrounds provide an important service to the community. They give children a place to explore and develop their physical, mental and social skills, plus act as a central gathering point for families and friends. However, playgrounds must be well designed and maintained to be truly effective.

Shade structures for playgrounds help keep people, especially children, cool and protected from the harsh Australian sun, making it possible for them to play outside for longer. Additionally, shaded playgrounds are more inviting for parents and family members to stay and chat while their kids play. As a result, providing safe, shaded and cool play areas should be part of every council’s placemaking efforts.

shade cover for playgrounds

Cooler, safer playgrounds with maximum UV protection

It’s vital to watch out for any signs of heat exhaustion and overheating, particularly in children. Greenline’s playground sun shade sails allow you to bring communities together and keep them together by enabling cooler playgrounds with safer temperatures.

You also get excellent UV protection where you need it most. Playground areas allow children to be free and have fun, which often means hats fall off or they get too excited about playing and forget the sunscreen. With Greenline’s playground shade sails, you can minimise the risks of outdoor play areas without compromising the kids’ adventures. Notably, a well-designed playground sail can also prevent playing equipment from becoming too hot to use.
Shade sails are the ultimate protection against the sun’s harmful rays. UV rays are notoriously harmful, with 2 in 3 Aussies diagnosed with skin cancer before their 70th birthday. Made from a durable and unique fabric, playground shade covers can provide up to 98% UV protection, making them ideal for use in playgrounds and other outdoor areas.

In addition to protecting children from the sun, shade covers for playgrounds help keep them cooler, improve comfort levels and reduce the risk of heat-related injuries. Our sails are customisable, meaning you can even cover the surrounding areas and get the parents in the shade too!

shade cover for playgrounds

Choose from a range of colours

Playgrounds are great for kids to explore, have fun, and burn off some energy. However, they can also be dangerous if they are not properly shaded. Greenline uses a range of fabric solutions for our overhead shade structures, and the best part is you can choose from a massive range of colours. We also use durable, weather-resistant, powder-coated steel for our shade structures. These can be coloured to match your sails, or you can inject a bit of fun into the playground by using a mix of vibrant colours. Either way, you can be confident that your kids will be safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

shade cover for playgrounds

Add to the visual appeal of your playground

Whether it’s a council playground at the local park, a playground for a daycare centre, or a school, you want the space to look as appealing as possible. The whole idea is to have families and children excited about using all the play equipment, and it always helps if your space has a strong visual appeal.

The bright colours available for shade structures and sails play a big part in this, but we also know that our innovative shade sail designs add to the overall look and feel of every playground. This sort of visual appeal adds value to your space, especially in a school playground. You always want to attract students to enrol, and having a beautiful shade canopy for your playground is undoubtedly one way to enhance your school’s reputation.

playground shade structures

Create outdoor classrooms or learning areas

Playground shade sails are a practical and fun way for schools to create outdoor learning areas for children. Outdoor classroom shade sails provide children with a relaxed and comfortable place to learn and play outdoors while protecting them from the sun. The sails can also be used to create an imaginative space for children to explore. 

For example, you can use the sails to create a garden where children can learn about plants and nature. You may also create an obstacle course where children can develop their cooperative and teambuilding skills. By using playground shade sails, schools can provide children with a fun and educational way to learn about the world around them.

best playground shade structures for councils

Cost-effective: durable and low-maintenance

We’ve got a vast range of different sun shade sails for playgrounds, so you can find cost-effective solutions for your every need. They are cost-effective because they are durable and long-lasting, with the added benefit of being low-maintenance. Your initial investment will pay off for years to come.

Whether you want to cover large areas or add a couple of strategically placed sails over the playground, we can custom design something just for you. Since we have years of specialised experience in designing shade for outdoor areas, we can even find the perfect way to cover all the areas you need.

You may want some coverage for your playground and a seated area nearby. If you don’t want a large shade structure, we can customise something for your playground while using some smaller solutions for your eating areas. If you’ve got a playground area you think is too difficult to create shade for, we’d love to hear from you. We love a challenge! 

Talk to us about additional options, such as matching playground shade colours to your school uniform/colours. We can also install padding on the post as an additional safety measure. If you’re unsure of the costs, you can get a free quote for your playground shade sail.

most effective playground shade structures for councils

Shade structures for council playgrounds

We provide a range of solutions for council playgrounds too. You get all of the great options available with school playground shade structures, but we can customise them to suit any outdoor play area. 

When designing outdoor play area shade structures for councils, we offer a range of services, including:

  • Anti-climbing devices for posts
  • Durable coatings and vandalism protection
  • Bird-proofing to minimise maintenance and cleaning

We are happy to work to your specifications. We can also assist with the design of your space, ensuring low-maintenance, long-lasting shade structures are in place to deliver lasting value.

No playground too big or small

We’ve customised and installed shade sails for countless schools and councils across NSW and Victoria in all different sizes. If you simply need a small playground at a daycare centre covered, or you’ve got an expansive council playground that needs shade, we can always provide a solution. With Greenline’s shade structures, you can be sure that your playground will be well-protected all year long.

With over 20 years of experience in the shade solutions industry, we can provide you with the perfect sails to keep children safe and cool. Speak to our expert team, and we’ll happily work with you to install the perfect shade structures for school or community playgrounds. We only use the highest quality materials for both the structure and the shade sail, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the sun safety of your shaded area for many years to come.

Huxley Wallace | Project Consultant (NSW)
Greg Dovan | Project Consultant (Victoria)

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