School Shade Sails & Outdoor Structures

Shade Sails for Schools and Educational Facilities

Greenline designs and instals world-class, innovative shade structures for schools across Australia.

If you want to brighten up your school, maximise the use of outdoor spaces and enhance your school’s reputation, we’ve got shade solutions for you.

Whether you need a shade structure for outdoor play equipment, a shade cloth for a sandpit or a COLA to cover a large amount of space, Greenline has got you covered.

We offer shade protection for schools across Australia with specially designed, customised concepts.


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Maximise your outdoor space

In most schools around the country, there is a lot of unused outdoor space. Without adequate shade, it can make the area too hot which then becomes unusable for your students.

Shade sails provide a cost-effective way to protect outdoor areas from harmful UV rays. 

It also allows you to maximise the use of your space, ensuring that your students can use these areas for a variety of outdoor activities, from sports to eating lunch and even outdoor classes.

From outdoor learning spaces to covered seating areas, there’s a lot you can do outside if you’ve got the right shade and shelter from the elements!

Covered Outdoor learning Area shade structure

Shade structures for school playgrounds

Most schools have a playground of some sort, and with an increasing focus on sun safety, it’s important to consider your shade options.

Kids love to play outside, so we want to protect them from harmful UV rays while they are enjoying themselves during hot summer days.

Best of all, shade structures for school playgrounds look great and enhance the appeal of the entire outdoor space.

At Greenline, we offer customisable shade solutions for school playgrounds.

From traditional shade sails to more extensive options that cover an entire outdoor space, we can do it all.

Creating shaded outdoor spaces can show your commitment to enhancing students’ experience for both learning, play and outdoor activities.

This can especially help with attracting new parents to your school every year.

You’ll leave a positive impression of your school’s environment, further enhancing your school’s reputation.

Structures you can build for your school

Within a school setting, Greenline offers a variety of school and playground shade structures that schools can use for different infrastructure purposes.

What your school needs will determine which structure is the best design for your school’s outdoor space.

Custom steel structures for schools. This is also known as a School COLA.

Covered outdoor learning areas (COLAs)

COLA (covered outdoor learning areas) are large spaces used for outdoor learning.

COLAs are often constructed over multipurpose sports courts or in quadrangles/courtyards at schools, as they are the most durable all-weather shelters.

Both the roof cladding and the steel framework can be customised, from colour to metal material. Better yet, due to the way they are constructed they are almost limitless in size.

Greenline has the ability to construct and customise COLA structures with different styles of roof: 

  • Gable – this is the classic COLA shape. 
  • Curved – this shape is sometimes referred to as a barrel vault and is a modern take on the more traditional gable style.
  • Skillion – a flat or angled roof steel structure. 
This is a star structure shade sail.

Star structure

A star structure is a permanent shade structure on a single post.

This post can either be in the centre of the structure or at the corner of the structure.

They are most commonly used over playgrounds, sandpits, outdoor learning spaces, eating areas, playground equipment and pool sides.

Star structures provide the best shade for tight spaces, using only one post and taking up minimal space.

Shade sails

Shade sails are among the most common shade structures, especially for schools and playground equipment.

The most common applications for a shade sail are playgrounds, outdoor learning areas, and eating areas.

They are also often used over sand pits, entryways, steps/amphitheatres, and cafeteria areas.

Any place where students sit, stand, or play in the sun is a good place for a shade sail that provides UV protection and optimal shade.

Basketball court shade structure

Barrel vault

A barrel vault is a tensile membrane structure, one of the most attractive permanent shade structures available.

The barrel vault is ideal for school sports courts, swimming pools, and assembly areas or quadrangles.

All-weather access to your space gives you greater flexibility in how your area is used and guarantees protection and usage without worrying about rain or excessive heat.

School Shade Sails

Customised shade for school outdoor areas

If you want your school’s outdoor areas to enjoy shade and shelter but are unsure where to start, that’s where we come in.

All our products are flexible and customisable, tailored towards your school’s needs.

We don’t just install shade sails; we take your project from concept to completion in the most seamless way possible.

We’re experts in the field, with over 20 years of experience designing shade solutions.

Every outdoor space is different; some can be more complex than others. That’s why we provide bespoke shade services to bring your vision to life.

Greenline covers you whether you have outdoor play equipment, a multi-purpose sports court, or an eating area for students who need protection from the weather and sun.

We will consult with you on your school’s needs and concerns, and create a shade structure that is specially designed to optimise your space.

Shade sail colours

Colours and design options

Why not add some colour to outdoor covered areas in schools?

Whether you need shade in a primary school, high school or any other learning facility, a bit of colour is always good.

We offer a range of colour choices to ensure you always get the look you want.

From basic white through to bright, bold colours like yellow, lime and purple, we’ve got options galore.

Best of all, you can mix and match accordingly.

Many shade solutions in outdoor school areas comprise multiple sails, so you can create wonderful colour combinations to brighten up a large area.

Our posts can also be coloured, as we offer high-quality powder-coated steel.

The colours are long-lasting and won’t fade, crack or chip easily. Quality is always at the forefront, and we guarantee longevity.

School shade sails projects

Take a look at our past projects within a school setting for inspiration:


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The Greenline process

We’ve streamlined our process into three simple steps:


In the first phase, Greenline will meet with you and work through the design and structure elements essential to your school shade sails project.

This can include help in working out whether there is funding or grants available for your situation.

In short, you tell us what you want, how you want it to look, when you need it, and your budget.


Throughout the design phase, the Greenline team will design a shade structure that addresses your needs, requirements and concerns discussed during the consulting phase.

In this case, the most important goal is to improve school infrastructure.

From planning permits to design solutions, we can look after everything, and you can be sure it will be done quickly and efficiently.


The construction phase culminates our thorough investigation, creative ingenuity and strategic planning during Consult and Design. 

Greenline works closely with trusted construction partners to manage all the behind-the-scenes details, ensuring we provide you with a shade structure for the school community to enjoy!

When construction is complete, you can enjoy the shade and protection your new shade solution provides.

Grants for school shade sails

Getting the funding for a shade structure can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to look.

At Greenline, our consultation process can help you determine what grant programs apply to your school infrastructure build.

Funding for school shade sails is mainly offered through state and territory government grant programs and has many requirements for eligibility.

For more information on the grants offered in your state for building school shade sails and shade structures, please take a look at our school grants page.

Huxley Wallace | Project Consultant (NSW)
Greg Doven | Project Consultant (Victoria)

Call your trusted school shade suppliers

If you want custom-made shade sails for your school, look no further than Greenline. 

With the highest standards, an eye for detail and the ability to design solutions for any outdoor space, we’re the best in the business. 

We also offer exceptional customer service and honest advice every time. When it’s time to upgrade your school’s shade sails, there’s only one name to remember – Greenline!

We’ve even developed some effective vandal-resistant devices for shade sail structures, and we’d be happy to recommend the best options for your needs.

Contact the friendly team at Greenline today and find out how we can help.

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