Commercial Shade Sail Installation Services

Installing a shade sail for your business or organisation is a great way to transform outdoor areas so that you get the most out of them all year round.

The commercial shade sail installation process is a mystery to most, but we’ve got you covered.

With the knowledge that only years of experience can bring installing the best quality shade sails in Australia, we’ve created an outline of how we install shade sails at Greenline, from start to finish. 

Learn more about the shade sail installation process and our services.


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Before Installing a Commercial Shade Sail

Contract and Planning

Sign your contract, and the planning process will begin. We will map out a timeframe with you, finalise colour and material selection and organise the details so that the installation process goes smoothly from start to finish.

External approvals

If council approval is required, you’ll need to apply for the proper permit when the designs have been drawn up or when you know the size and height of your desired final product. This can be done by you or covered in the contract.

How We Install A Shade Sail At Greenline 

1. Consult

In the first phase, a team member at Greenline meets with you, and we work through the factors that are important to your project. 

In short, you tell us what you want, how you want it to look, when you need it, and your budget.

At Greenline, we get excited about what can be achieved and are realistic about what will work. 

We listen to your ideas, needs, and barriers and work with you to troubleshoot and solve your specific challenges.

We will make changes or adjustments until it’s perfect and you’re happy.

2. Design

Throughout the design phase, the Greenline team creates the design that addresses your needs, requirements and concerns discussed during the consulting phase.

This can involve 3D modelling, draft construction programming, preliminary engineering analysis and construction cost estimates.

The design team engages with you regularly for input and feedback as the design, construction methodology, and budget are clarified and refined.

Design is where all the ideas and concepts discussed during Consult are translated onto paper with the architectural drawings, layouts, design details, staging and sequencing plans, services interface, final programme and commercial agreement.

From handling planning permits to crafting innovative solutions, we take care of every aspect, ensuring swift and efficient execution.

Rest assured, we’ll handle your project with the utmost precision and proficiency.

3. Construct

The construction phase combines thorough investigation, creative ingenuity and strategic planning during Consult and Design.

We work closely with our trusted construction partners to manage all the behind-the-scenes details that ensure your project is completed.  

Our robust project process allows detailed risk management, which guarantees the outcomes and is underscored by trust.

Our experienced Operations team then installs your structure. 

Watertight communication is vital, and our Operations team ensures that all staff, contractors and site contacts are united regarding your site safety.

We provide that the installation period is minimal and that we complete everything as planned.

Commercial Shade Sail Installation

Commercial shade installation differs from residential shade sail installation needs, usually because of the larger and more professional shade sails that are required for a business, school or other organisation. 

Unlike a residential shade structure, where you can try your luck with a DIY installation, a commercial shade structure should be installed by a professional.

As a business, organisation or school responsible for the safety of people using their outdoor spaces, it’s best to install a shade sail by professionals who follow engineering standards and are designed to look high-quality cosmetically speaking. 

How to Choose A Quality Shade Sail

It is essential to take the time to consider your options carefully so that you find the right new shade sail for you. Here are some important considerations to make when looking for a quality shade sails.

Fabric type

The type of fabric that you choose will depend on your budget, sun protection and waterproofing needs:

  • Shade cloth: Commercial grade shade cloth Offers approximately 90-98% UV protection and a moderate level of waterproofing. It is also generally the cheaper option. 
  • PVC: This waterproof fabric offers 100% UV protection, costing more than the standard shade cloth. 

Waterproof shade sails will suit those living in climates with higher rainfall and outdoor spaces that need to stay dry all year round.

As for maximum UV protection, this is important for regularly used outdoor areas under the Australian sun across the country.


You need to consider the safety of the shade sails. Instead of bolts to attach the fabric to the posts, look for welding, which prevents rusting. Additionally, reinforced seams will reduce the risk of ripping or collapse of the structure.


Colour is also an important consideration when choosing a shade sail. You’ll want to select a colour that compliments its surroundings and presents the image you like of your business or organisation.

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Looking for a Professional Shade Sail Installation?

Look no further if you require commercial shade sails for your business or organisation.

Here at Greenline, we have the highest quality shade sails around that are installed by an experienced team of professionals who offer top-notch shade sail solutions. 

Contact us now for a quote for a commercial shade sail and professional installation services or one of our other commercial shade structures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install a sail shade?

The cost of shade sail installation depends on an array of factors, including your sail’s total size and desired material. Our sail installations can cost anywhere from $200 (for very large sails) to $1500 (for small sails) per square metre. 

How do you attach shade sails?

Shade sails can be attached to installed posts or onto existing structures using additional brackets.

To attach a shade sail, simply hoist it onto the corners with mounting structures, tighten it until the tension is correct, and then pull the turnbuckles to secure the sail. 

Is it safe to attach a shade sail to a building?

In most instances, attaching a shade sail to an existing building is both feasible and safe.

However, it is crucial to evaluate the structural integrity and material of the building beforehand to ensure a secure attachment.

What angle should shade sail posts be?

Shade sail posts should be installed at a 5-degree angle, pointing away from the centre of the shade structure. This is to ensure maximum stability and safety of the structure.