Commercial Sports Court Shade Sails & Shade Structures

Does your sporting facility need some extra shade and weather protection for competitors and spectators?

Look no further than the shade design and installation experts at Greenline. When the weather makes it hard to play, we’ve got you covered.


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running track shelter

The ultimate shade structures for sporting events

Many outdoor sporting events can benefit from a bit of shade. From basketball court shade to swimming pool shade cloths, our shade structures provide a great solution.

Providing the best shade possible for both spectators and sports participants is our number one priority.

With the viewing experience able to be easily hindered by bright sunlight or bad weather conditions, a shade structure is the perfect option.

Providing maximum shade with our customised, tailored sports court shade structures is a great way to improve your sporting events and facilities.

Better yet, the sun protection provided with shade structures allows your sporting facilities to be free from the harsh Australian sun and thoroughly protected from damaging UV rays.

Sports courts shade sails benefits

✓ Ability to continue events in wet weather, meaning increased sports participation and income for sports clubs
✓ Improvement to spectator experience
✓ Lowering the chance of sunburn and skin damage
✓ Improvement to the lifespan of court surfaces by limiting sun damage
✓ Enhanced aesthetics

The Greenline process

We’ve streamlined our shade structures process into three simple steps:

1. Consult

In the first phase Greenline will meet with you and work through the elements of design and structure that are important to your project. 

In short, you tell us what you want, how you want it to look, when you need it and what is your budget. 

2. Design

Throughout the design phase, the Greenline team will design a sports court structure that addresses your needs, requirements and concerns discussed during the consult phase. 

From planning permits to design solutions, we can look after everything and you can be sure that it will be done quickly and efficiently.

3. Construct

The construction phase is the culmination of our thorough investigation, creative ingenuity and strategic planning during Consult and Design. 

Greenline works closely with trusted construction partners to manage all the behind the scene detail which ensures your successful completed project. 

When construction is complete, you are able to enjoy the shade and protection provided by your new shade structure.


A canopy for all sports facilities

No matter what type of sports facility you have, we can design and build the perfect shelter or structure to suit your needs.

Whether it’s Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pools that need a huge barrel vault shade structure, or a basketball court shade structure that needs a more compact design we can build it for you.

Best of all, we’ll tie in all of the shade structures at your facility, creating a great visual effect that improves the aesthetics of your premises while providing excellent weather protection.

Take a look at the sports canopies we’ve built over the years:

Materials used by Greenline

There are two types of structure that can be built by Greenline- a fabric based structure and a hard-roof structure. All of our structures are built with steel columns and support beams (if required). 

Shade protection

Shade protection can be provided by a shade cloth that is utilised for star structures and shade sails. These fabrics are either shade cloth or shade mesh (HDPE mesh) which are woven fabrics designed to protect from the sun. 

The outcome of a fabric structure that is shade protective is great sun protection so your customers can use your sports court without fear of sunburn. 

Prioritising your health when playing sport is of the utmost importance, making a fabric shade solution a worthwhile addition to your facilities. 

All-weather protection 

Fabric structures

For fabric structures that are all-weather protectants, shade sails can be made from two different materials, PVC and PTFE. These fabrics are made to be UV resistant and offer all-weather protection, making your sports facilities accessible in all weather conditions. 

Hard-roof structures

Hard-roof structures are often called steel-roof structures and are made with steel or other metal materials. Steel-roof shade solutions have 100% UV protection and weatherproofing. 

The result of all-weather fabric and hard-roof structures is shade that is completely protected from all weather conditions and has the ability to be used all year round. 

Hard-roof shade solutions are durable and will result in the perfect structure for sports participants to use without being inhibited by rain or storm. 

Types of shade structures applicable to your Sports Court

This is a star structure shade sail.

Star structures

If your sports court is in need of smaller shade structures, a star structure may be the best option for you. This structure has a triangular shade sail attached to a single pole. This hyperbolic paraboloid shape is great for smaller areas on your sports court or facilities such as player interchange areas or spaces for spectators.

shade cover for playgrounds

Shade sails

For a sports court that needs minimal waterproofing and weather resistance, shade sails are a great option. This structure has a stretch of durable fabric that is attached to several poles. While it does provide some shade, it has the lowest level of sun protection available in all types of shade solutions.

Marymede Barrel Vault Sports cover

Barrel vault structures

A barrel vault is a tensile membrane structure, which is the perfect option for a large sports court or sporting club facilities. This type of structure is permanent and protected from any sort of weather conditions, which suits any form of outdoor sports.


A sports court or facility that requires extensive sun protection in a large space will need a COLA area. A COLA is a permanent shelter and is perfect for multipurpose sports courts. This type of shade solution is great if you have multiple basketball courts or tennis courts in one area that need to be covered by one structure.

Innovative design that ensures functionality

All sports facilities are different, which means they need innovative solutions when it comes to providing shade. Here at Greenline we design every structure with practicality, functionality, and creativity in mind.

Of course, providing shade from the harsh sun is important, but being able to play under a sports cover during rain or unsavoury weather conditions is just as necessary! 

Greenline builds sports court shade solutions with this exact thought in mind, and our consultation and design process will allow you to work out the perfect shade solution for your facility. 

Our goal is to prioritise function and performance with our infrastructure, which is why we always take the time to understand your needs and wanted outcomes for your upgraded space. 

Did you know you can get funding to help build your sports facility?

Having the means to build your sports facility, including a shade structure, is not always realistic for every sports club and organisation. That is why many government grants are available in each state to help set up the best facilities possible and promote sport and active recreation in local communities.

At Greenline, we have a dedicated team of consultants that can help guide you through the best funding grant for your circumstances- take a look at our grants pages for more information: 

Huxley Wallace | Project Consultant (NSW)
Greg Dovan | Project Consultant (Victoria)

Upgrade your sports court cover with Greenline

We specialise in large-scale commercial projects for all types of public facilities. 

Whether you need some classic shade sails for spectator areas or a much larger shade structure for a basketball court cover, you can count on the Greenline team. 

We have over 25+ years of experience and have designed and installed shade structures for sporting facilities throughout Australia.

Our shade structures are expertly designed, and always safe and fit for purpose.

Contact us today to find out how we can enhance your sports courts.

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