Commercial Heavy Duty Waterproof Shade Sails

Upgrading or starting a new project in an outdoor space? 

Then, you must consider how you will provide shelter for those wanting to enjoy it in any weather. 

Specifically, take the step to install waterproof shade sails so your playground, park, activity centre, car park, etc, is usable in rain, hail, or shine.

Greenline offers quality waterproof shade sails for various outdoor areas and projects.

Our fabric is durable enough to keep out the harshest times of UV radiation and the heaviest bouts of rain.

The elements don’t stand a chance when you have Greenline shade sails on your side!


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Why You Should Waterproof Your Outdoor Space

When considering building a commercial shade sail, it’s standard first to consider protection from the sun and harmful UV radiation

Even when the sky is grey, and the rain is pouring down, your outdoor space should still be functional. That’s where waterproof shade sails come into play.

Australia’s storms are no joke, no matter where in the country you are located. 

That is why it is best to choose a suitable fabric for any weather condition, including the icy deluge of wind and rain during winter or the extreme heat during summer.

We’ve designed our waterproof shade sails to sit at angles or along a curve, ensuring that water doesn’t pool on top of the shelter and damage the fabric. 

This, along with the durable material of our waterproof shade sails, means that you will never have to face the issue of rot or permanent damage to your shelter.

Instead, you can enjoy a lightweight, long-lasting solution for sun and rain.

All Sizes of Waterproof Shade Sails

Our collection of waterproof shade sails comes in various sizes, guaranteeing a solution to your rainy-day woes.

This extends to people using your facilities, ensuring that your customers will enjoy using your facilities regardless of whether there is sun.

A DIY shade sail is not enough to protect people from the downpour of rain if the heavens decide to open up.

You need professional care and quality materials to ensure outdoor equipment or furniture remains nice and dry in your chosen area.

Keep things simple with a triangle shade sail to keep debris out of your outdoor pool.

Or take things up a notch and keep everyone dry while playing an outdoor basketball game with a sizeable rectangular shade sail.

No matter what reason you need to create a covered outdoor space, Greenline has the right size in various colours to spruce up your project area.

Waterproof Shade Sails

Heavy Duty Waterproof Shade Sails

Take on the challenge of strong winds, heavy rain, and piercing sun with the heavy-duty material of our waterproof shade sails!

You can guarantee outdoor protection anywhere in Australia with a solid fixing point and the carefully planned angling of attached shade sails.

Greenline uses only the highest-quality PVC fabric in our waterproofing shade structure projects. 

This material won’t absorb any moisture and gives 100% protection against sun and rain. No customer or guest at your establishment will have to worry about the weather when they visit. 

Instead, they can take their time enjoying your services. You are more likely to attract significant numbers when customers know they can always use your outdoor seating or spaces.

Choose colours that complement your business, especially if you provide shade for customers requiring outdoor eating or relaxation spaces.

This extra consideration can spread awareness of your brand and/or attract the right audiences.

You don’t need to just enjoy a durable shade sail; you can create a space that complements your business and its values.

Huxley Wallace | Project Consultant (NSW)
Greg Dovan | Project Consultant (Victoria)

How We Can Help You Install a Waterproof Shade Sail for Your Business

There is no need to take on the challenge of installing your newest waterproof shade sail when you have Greenline’s expert care.

We take care of everything regarding shade solutions, including professionally installing the waterproof product you bought with us.

Sit back and enjoy the sight of a team of shade experts bringing your latest project to fruition. 

Installing a waterproof shade sail is the finishing touch you have been waiting for, so contact us today to get started!

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Are All Shade Sails Waterproof?

Not all shade sails are waterproof. 

Shelters made from shade cloth use a porous material, making them as far from waterproof as possible.

Only shade sails labelled as waterproof protect you from all the elements, including sun or rain.

How Long Do Shade Sails Last?

Commonly, shade sails last at least 5-7 years if treated well and with regular maintenance. 

This is when a shade sail is bought from a trusted and dependable business, as cheaper or less reputable shade sails will likely break faster.

However, waterproof shade sails are the best choice for longevity as they are structured to resist water and prevent rot.

If you are looking for a long-lasting solution for shelter outdoors, consider adding a waterproof shade sail to your business or project of choice.

How to Waterproof Shade Cloth?

Unfortunately, you cannot simply apply a waterproof coating layer over your shade cloth to manufacture your shelter outdoors. 

This is because the material is made to be porous, allowing water to pass through the shade easily.

To have a waterproof shelter, you need to buy a waterproof shade sail, as this material is made to be waterproof during manufacturing.

Waterproofing cannot be done by yourself after acquiring a shade cloth.

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