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Surprising Benefits of Term-time Installation

Greenline team

Did you know that scheduling outdoor upgrades such as shade during the term can have surprising benefits?

When a project is being planned, there’s always the question raised about timing – during the holidays? Or during the term?

Teachers enjoy demonstrating concepts with practical examples, and construction gives opportunity for many topics to be explained in real life.  Children can stand outside the construction compound and witness many mathematical, problem solving and design aspects.

Another thing, construction during the term means families can witness progress in the school, and parents can see their school fees or fundraising dollars being put to good use.

Of course, effective risk management in a live school site is not negotiable.

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Health and safety in the shade industry

We were so keen on shade, we made it official.

We’re never satisfied with casual, careless or superficial. When it comes to shade, we won’t settle for anything less than long-term. It has to be the perfect marriage of function and form. So we set out to raise the industry benchmark for safety, quality and environmental standards through independent assessment. Yep, we actually choose to be audited. We renew our vows every year, to make sure our structures last the test of time.