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Turnkey Construction

Here at Greenline, we also offer a full turnkey service to get you outside and together, whatever the weather.   

Greenline’s turnkey option is a little different to what you might usually find in the construction industry and the difference lies in our design.  First, we work closely with you during our consult phase to discuss all your ideas and concepts and we look at what is important to you.  Then we custom design your project to meet all your requirements.  You’ll have reduced coordination of on-site services and reduced interruption in normal, operating conditions.  We arrange everything.  One contract, no gaps. 

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Your new space is fully customised, and the design includes the integration of all the factors to achieve a complete, fully functional, ready-to-use area.  Our turnkey service does not restrict your options for structure design – your shade structure and surrounding area will be tailor-made to meet your requirements and ready for you to use immediately on completion.  So, it’s during design that we address options for extras like lighting, electrical, surfacing, seating or landscaping.  We are not bound by one methodology, product or supplier – we evaluate each aspect of the turnkey on your outcomes to ensure every element delivers.  And we custom design the structure itself – in fact every Greenline structure is a custom design.  Designed and fabricated specifically for you. 

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Turnkey is a great way to go, particularly in busy, high-traffic areas where people are moving in and out of different zones – particularly schools.  Our operations team are experts at services co-ordination, term-time construction, access issues, vehicle management and site safety.  Our experience with co-ordinating various service providers means that you won’t have to lift a finger We calculate the timing for the whole project and stage each element to streamline completion.   

Turnkey construction is your insurance against delays.  Once you approve your design and sign your drawings, you can step back and allow your project to happen in our expert hands.  Your time is free for your normal, day-to-day operations, as our Project Managers take out all the process for you.  We can arrange local government approvals. We have the expertise coordinating multiple trades, ensuring access to site and having these multiple trades working in tandem to minimise delays.  Greenline coordinates all this as the single source of site management and project construction.  

Author: Stephanie Plane