A safe bet on the sunrise.

More often than not, work that involves an expert with a tool belt also involves a heap of hassle. Messy sites, time delays, price jumps – they’ll act like it’s run of the mill stuff. But with Greenline, you can kick back and let us look after everything, and be sure it will be done quickly, efficiently and without unexpected hurdles. We’ll keep things running smoothly every step of the way, permits, plans and all. So you can be sure the job will be expertly handled – as sure as the sun will rise in the morning.

Before you begin

Before your project begins there are numerous things to take into consideration. Your project consultant will chat to you about each of these things and then we can build a structure that is designed specifically for you.

Firstly, understanding your location and why you need a shade or shelter. It is important to understand about times of day that the structure will be in use and what your end goals are. We then look at your budget, timeline and location constraints to suggest viable solutions. Surfaces, soil types, access, sight lines, services, post locations, heights and aesthetics are some of the factors we can start with.


Depending on the outcome you want to achieve we look at what fabric or cover options will suit your project. Shade cloth is often used for playground equipment and carparks that only require shade. PVC structures offer all weather usability and natural light transmission whilst blocking 100% UV. It’s perfect for sports courts and large areas that need to be aesthetically appealing. Metal roof structures are a cost effective way to provide cover for all weather large areas.


The structure’s location will determine the level of corrosion protection required for the framework. Hot dip galvanising (HDG) is recognised as a robust coating for all conditions. For finishes with a colour, we use a powdercoat or paint system with a specification to suit the site and application.

4 Parks Vandelism Image


We have developed some effective vandal resistant devices that can either be attached at construction stage or retrofitted to existing structures. When considering whether this is something that you might need, look at the risk associated with the accessibility of the area, existing security, structure type, covering material and demographics.

We also stock fire retardant fabrics for shade structures.

Shade structure footings


Something you may not have thought about is your soil structure and how this may impact foundation designs. We have a number of options to make sure your structure will have a solid base to stand on.

Things to consider:

  • Rock which needs pad footings or drilling by a larger machine
  • Sand which collapses and needs grout-injected piles, cased piers or pad footings
  • Contaminated soil which needs special handling and disposal
  • High water table which may need pad footings or an alternative footing type
Shade structure clearances and height regulations


It may not be necessary to have competition compliant clearances for all courts but we ensure that best practice is carried out and your structure is fit for purpose. Ask your project consultant to send you through the guideline relevant to your court, field or green.

There is an Australian Standard for clearances around playground equipment. In general, it is safe to work on 2.0m to 2.5m clearance from equipment (outside the fall zone). Keep posts away from obvious objects like slides, swings etc, consider clearances over equipment and vandalism risk.

There is an Australian Standard (AS2890.1) for where columns can be located in a car park. There are also NCC (BCA) and other AS requirements – but we take care of it so you don’t have to.

Basketball court shade structure


At Greenline the structures we create are as unique as the people who shelter beneath them.  From barrel vaults to cantilevers and complex hypar curves we pride ourselves on engineering the ideal shading solution for every location.