High Quality Commercial Fabric Structures

Discover our extensive range of commercial fabric structures at Greenline, designed with innovation to transform your business or organisation’s outdoor functionality and aesthetic.


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What is a fabric structure?

A fabric structure is simply a free-standing 3-dimensional shade solution that is made up of tensioned fabric attached to or stretched over a steel framework. At Greenline, we offer quality products from large tensile membrane designs to shade sails for pre-schools that are made to protect from harmful UV rays and withstand the elements.

Fabric types we offer

Our range of fabrics includes shade cloth and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), manufactured to suit different types of designs, protection needs and personal tastes.


  • 100% UV protection
  • Waterproof
  • 9-13% light transmission
  • A range of colours available
  • Resistant to UV degradation
quality shade sails for primary schools

Shade cloth

  • 90-95% UV protection
  • Not waterproof
  • 10-25% light transmission
  • An Extensive range of colours available 
  • Resistant to UV degradation

Our range of fabric structures

We are proud to offer a huge range of shade structures at Greenline so that the needs of all of our clients can be met. No matter the industry or project size, we can provide a fabric structure suited to all kinds of commercial applications. 

Barrel vaults 

The barrel vault, also known as a PVC COLA or a membrane structure, is a tried and true classic that can be found across Australia over sports courts, school quadrangles and bowling club greens. A barrel vault fabric structure is made from a framework of arched steel with a PVC fabric membrane tensioned over the top. This design creates a large yet sleek shade structure that still allows ample headroom for sports courts. 

The barrel vault is the perfect shade solution for larger areas that need a clear floor space without central poles obstructing the space below – making them the perfect choice for sports areas.

Shade sails

Shade sails are a simple fabric structure with a fast installation service that is generally made with shade cloth. However, PVC is still a viable option if waterproofing is required. These are generally used for smaller areas, like playgrounds and spectator seating areas. With an endless variety of designs and options for multiple sail configurations, bigger areas can also be stylishly shaded with our sails. 

Star structures 

A star structure is a permanent shade structure that uses just one foundational pole with extending arms. They are similar in shape to shade sails and are designed using the same hypar design that makes them resistant to high winds. They are also most commonly used in areas like playgrounds and shopping centres, emerging as a great alternative to a shade sail if fewer poles in the ground are desired. 

A picture of a Cantilever.


A cantilever design uses poles on one side with fabric stretched over a curved top. The curvature of the top of this type of structure makes for great water drainage and height clearance, which comes in handy for spaces like car parks. 

Cantilevers efficiently shade large areas without obstructing the ground space too heavily – perfect for walkways, car parks and other places where poles on both sides would be impractical. 

Permanent umbrella shade structures for cafes


Conic designs employ an umbrella-type architecture to protect an area surrounding a singular central pole. The dimensions and overall height of a conic structure can be easily customised to suit many different types of spaces. 

The benefits of a Greenline fabric structure 

The benefits of installing a commercial fabric structure are endless. Our clients are constantly surprised by the transformation that even the simplest of designs can bring to their business or organisation. Here are a few of the reasons why fabric structures should not be overlooked:

Improved safety

Protect those who use your facilities with a fabric structure that blocks harmful UV rays – safeguarding users from sun-induced injuries like sunburn and heatstroke. Waterproof structures also help to combat slippery surfaces that pose a fall risk on wet days. 

Get year-round access to outdoor spaces

Say goodbye to rained-out events at your venue, once and for all with our waterproof membrane structures. For facilities that become unusable under the scorching sun, like playgrounds and metal seating areas, our shade structures allow their use even on the hottest summer days. 


Fabric structures are the most cost-effective option as far as shade solutions go. This is because of the relatively few materials required and fast construction times, resulting in fewer costs than a regular building or metal roofed structure.

Revitalise underused areas

Breathe new life into forgotten spaces; transform unused areas into collaborative learning environments, eating areas or play spaces. Get the most out of the location you’re in with Greenline’s shade structures. 

Customisable shade structures

We offer a versatile and customisable range of fabric structures whether you’re looking for large or small, permanent or temporary, bright or seamless, bold or elegant—we have the solution for you. 

Expertly engineered

All of our fabric structures are engineered to fare well in your region. You can decide whether this is based on the wind and terrain characteristics of your local area (generic engineering) or the specific site of the structure (site-specific engineering).

Greg Donovan | Project Consultant

Enquire about a Greenline fabric today structure and transform the look and feel of your space

Our fabric structures are made from durable fabrics, expertly engineered, and designed to last. You can easily transform the outdoor spaces at your business or organisation with a fabric structure that can breathe new life into any landscape and allow year-round use. 

Contact Greenline today and revamp a space of your choosing with one of our shade solutions, designed by us to seamlessly fit your site so that everyone who enters your business or organisation is impressed. 

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Frequently asked questions

Why invest in a fabric structure?

Fabric structures are a worthwhile and cost-effective way to protect and revitalise outdoor areas. The minimal materials required and short installation timelines make them a great alternative to a traditional building or non-fabric shade structure that we strongly recommend to clients across Australia. 

How long does it take to install a fabric structure?

Casting aside the planning and manufacturing process, fabric shade structures can take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks to install depending on the size, design and materials used. 

What might affect the cost of a fabric shade structure?

The cost of a fabric shade structure depends on many factors, including the size, design and materials used, the accessibility of the site and the soil type and engineering requirements.