Project Details

Who: Rules Club Wagga
Industry: Commercial
Area covered: Carpark and walkway
Size: Carpark 40m x12m, Walkway 35mx5m
Finish: Powdercoated Dulux Duralloy Berry Grey
Cover: FR700 White Pvc Membrane


Key Design Advantages:

Integrated lighting
Integrated CCTV
Rain water drainage
Ads visual interest to the buildings


Wagga Rules Club


The design brief was to link the existing club building and new hotel with ‘a playful element’ a visually appealing walkway structure, and provide a similar style structure over the car parking behind the hotel. The walkway structure needed to create a big visual impact from the road, and to provide a visual tie and waterproof linkway between the two different style buildings. The “hypar” shape twisted roof was a key element in both structures, as were the tall masts.

The structures needed to integrate lighting and stormwater collection, as well as CCTV. Column locations needed to minimise interruption with the car parks while still maximising coverage over the walkway, and maintaining minimum clearances for truck access under the walkway. The project was to be run as a turnkey design and construct process, with Greenline appointed to work as nominated subcontractor under the head builder.

The early architect concepts were buildable, but very expensive to realise. We utilised our 4D discovery process to find out which elements of the design were important to them, and what the key functional outcomes were. These outcomes were then brought together in a sensational structure for a lower cost than the original design.

Rules Club Walkway Shelter


The hypar twisted shape of the cover is a key element of both structures. Alternating steel above and below the membrane provides visual interest. Integrated circular rainwater heads and stainless steel downpipes catch the water from the roofs and integrated LED lighting provides illumination for both the walkways and adjacent car parks.

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