Grants for Sporting Clubs Victoria

If you are an owner or business manager of a sporting club, you may be wondering what kinds of grants for sporting clubs (NSW) are on offer for financial aid.

Whether your club is involved in community groups, children’s sporting ventures or delivers significant sporting events, you can potentially receive monetary aid through NSW government grants or a local sport grant program for a number of needs.

A sporting club grants program can provide financial assistance for new infrastructure, sporting equipment, funds for membership or even to organise community events.

What does a grant for sporting clubs include? 

A grant for a sporting club can include funding for many different parts of your facilitation, including:

  • New infrastructure or facilities such as sports shade sails, new change rooms or spectator viewing amenities
  • New sport and active recreation equipment
  • Additional money for memberships
  • Financial assistance to support grassroots sport
  • Aid to host a significant sporting events program or community occasion, including state and national competitions

Who provides sporting club grants? 

The government, as well as some private companies, provide grants to help stimulate local economies, increase participation in sport and to support community and event organisations.

How long does a sporting grant take to be approved? 

After applications open in each round, it takes around 4-5 months before funding grants for sports in Victoria are approved. After approval has been confirmed, you can begin to build, buy and configure your new sports club facilities and resources.

Benefits of funding for sporting clubs

Gaining funding for your sports club or facility brings a range of valuable advantages. 

One of the most notable benefits is the ability to allocate a substantial portion of your budget towards infrastructure upgrades, without draining your financial resources. 

This enables your organisation to channel the grant into improving your sports facilities while still having ample budget left for other essential enhancements and necessities within your business.

There are numerous other positive aspects to securing funding for your sports club, including:

  • Building your community: Regardless of whether your sports club caters to football enthusiasts, lawn bowling enthusiasts, or serves as a versatile multi-purpose space, funding plays a crucial role in expanding your facility and benefiting your local community. Moreover, the surplus budget obtained through infrastructure funding can be used to further engage with the community.
  • Activating and enhancing your space: Enhancing your facility not only attracts more patrons and customers but also encourages active participation. Sports club development grant programs offer the opportunity to elevate your outdoor areas by incorporating elements like shade sails, covers, and protected spaces, making your venue more appealing to a broader audience.
  • Increasing functionality and utilisation: Funding grants you the chance to maximise the functionality of your sports club facilities. A funded sports shade structure allows patrons to enjoy your sports amenities year-round, regardless of weather conditions, as they are provided with complete protection. 

Victorian sporting club grants for infrastructure

For building your shade sail or COLA area, a sporting grant can go a long way. 

Although it may not cover the entire cost of your new infrastructure, a funding grant can be a great way to cut down on costs and create a space that is inviting for all types of community sport and recreation. 

The current government grant available for building infrastructure is under the ‘Sporting Club Grants Program’ with the Victorian government.

The Sporting Club Funding Grant

In Round 2 of 2023-24, there are three funding categories for Victorian sports clubs. Only one application from the same applicant (across all categories) will be accepted.

Category 1: Uniforms or Equipment

Up to $1,000 to purchase:

  • Sports uniforms for teams or individuals
  • Participation equipment which is used during physical participation in a sport or active recreation activity- this could include cones, soccer nets, bibs or even sports balls to practise with.
  • Safety, injury prevention and first-aid equipment.

Category 2: Skill Development

Up to $2,000 for training or courses that improve the skills of coaches, officials, volunteers and administrators.

Category 3: Operational Capacity

Up to $5,000 for projects that create new participation opportunities, improve accessibility or strengthen operational capacity. This can include new infrastructure such as changing rooms, offices, spectator viewing areas, amenities such as bathrooms and canteens and sun protection provisions like shade sails or a COLA area for your sports court.


Applications are accepted from community-based organisations involved in the delivery of sport and active recreation in Victoria.

Applicants must be non-government, not-for-profit, operating in Victoria and registered as one of the following entities:

  • an incorporated association
  • a company limited by guarantee
  • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation.

Round 2 of the application process will be open from 20 February 2024, and will close on 20 March 2024. 

For more information on the application process, please visit Sport and Recreation Victoria here.

Tips for securing a grant 

Identify what you are funding

Prior to initiating the funding application process for your sports club, it is crucial to clearly outline the purpose for which you require financial support. 

Having a well-defined concept and project scope in mind will not only provide you with direction but also ensure that you remain aligned with your goals throughout the application process. 

It is recommended to focus on a single project rather than pursuing multiple initiatives to maximise the benefits for your organisation.

Read up on eligibility 

Understanding the eligibility criteria represents a pivotal initial step in any grant application. 

Undertaking a lengthy and demanding application process can be time-consuming, so it is important to confirm that your sports club meets all the prerequisites specified by the grant. 

When contemplating a particular grant opportunity, carefully scrutinise the terms, conditions, and any requirements to ensure your sports club fits the grant before proceeding. 

Plan out your application

Similar to evaluating eligibility, meticulous planning of your application entails the organised completion of all required documents and forms. 

Creating a well-structured timeline can serve as an effective strategy to ensure that you submit your application within the stipulated closing dates, allowing room for potential adjustments and refinements.

Set reachable goals and a detailed budget 

Your application and project scope should be centred around achievable and realistic objectives. 

While securing funding can be challenging, establishing clear expectations and a thorough understanding of how the funds will be utilised are pivotal aspects of your application. 

It is essential to meticulously budget for each element of your plan and make well-informed decisions. 

Constructing a compelling case significantly enhances the likelihood of your sports grant application gaining approval.

Consider the decision maker 

Crafting a persuasive application entails taking into account the viewpoint of the individual or committee responsible for reviewing your submission. 

Deliberate on who will be receiving and evaluating your application. Customising your proposal to align with the preferences and priorities of the decision-maker overseeing the specific grant you are pursuing is paramount. 

Attention to detail should extend to proofreading, ensuring the absence of spelling and grammatical errors in your writing to present a professional application.

What to do after you’ve received your grant

After you have been approved for your grant, you can then begin the process of hiring and building your new space. At Greenline, we have the perfect option for every sporting facility and club out there, with shade solutions on the larger scale like a Barrel Vault structure, to a smaller Shade Sail.

Deciding whether you need a large shade structure or a smaller shade sail can be a challenge, which is why we’ve set up a project estimate tool for you to work through your choices.

Here are some examples of infrastructures you can build


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Marist Catholic College Penshurst

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Maitland Christian School

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Westall Secondary College

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St Francis Xavier, Beaconsfield

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Pinks Reserve Regional Netball Facility

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Hurstville Adventist Primary School

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Castle Hill High School

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We’ve streamlined the building process

With Greenline, we’ve streamlined the process to three easy steps:


During the initial stage, Greenline will engage in discussions with you to delve into the crucial design and structural components pertinent to your project. In essence, you will communicate your desires, aesthetic preferences, timeline expectations, and budgetary considerations.


Throughout the design segment, the Greenline team will formulate a sports court structure that effectively addresses the prerequisites, demands, and issues outlined in the consultation phase. Covering everything from planning permissions to design resolutions, we possess the capability to oversee all aspects, ensuring a prompt and efficient execution.


The construction phase represents the culmination of our exhaustive exploration, innovative creativity, and strategic planning established during the Consultation and Design stages. Greenline maintains close collaboration with dependable construction partners to manage all the concealed intricacies, guaranteeing the successful realisation of your project. Upon construction’s conclusion, you will have the opportunity to bask in the shade and security provided by your newly erected structure.