Grants are a great way to contribute to school and community fundraising. It’s important to know what to look for, where to look and be prepared!

Instead of trying to fit your project into a grants program, we want you to prepare your project for when the RIGHT grant comes up.

Greenline has put together resources for grant applications and will continue to add to these resources.

We’ve also put together grants resources for many different industries. Take a look at our other grants pages if they apply to you:

As always we are more than happy to answer any questions and help you put together your project portfolio.

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SA | Enabling Infrastructure Program

Consists of medium to large grants for infrastructure projects that strengthen and build strong regional communities.

This is achieved through value-added investment in priority community infrastructure that improves the quality of life or attracts and retains people in our regions, enabling infrastructure to attract and retain business (goods and services) in regions and support a strong regional economy, collaboration with other projects, programs or initiatives, having broad regional community benefit, having considered latent and future demand.

Eligible to: Government, non-government, education, health, sporting clubs, community groups, businesses

Application closes at 11:59, Wednesday 7 February 2024

SA | Football Facilities Fund

Enhances the capacity of facilities and football infrastructure for all user groups, from state to local grassroots venues.

The SA Football Facilities Fund provides funding to assist local governments, Australian Rules football clubs, umpiring associations, schools and tertiary education institutions to develop Australian Rules football facilities across South Australia.

Eligible to: Government, non-government, education, sporting clubs, community groups, other

Application closes at 11:59, Wednesday 21 February 2024

AUS | Play Well Participation Grant Program

Supported by the Australian Government, the Australian Sports Commission Play Well Participation Grant Program (the Program) will invest in innovative new or expand existing programs that address the barriers to participation and increase involvement in sport and physical activity.

National sporting organisations, national sporting organisations for people with disability, national physical activity providers and Local Government Councils are eligible to apply. 

Eligible to: Government, non-government, education, sporting clubs, community groups, other

Application closes at 11:59, Friday 23 February 2024

VIC | Building Fund for Non-Government Schools – Independent

Supports upgrades and the building of new independent schools across Victoria.

Funding is to support “low-fee” paying non-government schools. Low fee-paying schools are defined using an income per student value of $8,125 per year in 2023, or as otherwise decided by the Minister for Education.

Eligible to: Education, non-government

Application closes  at 11:59, Friday 23 February 2024

VIC | Council Support Package

Helps councils in regional Victoria deliver more tourism, sporting and cultural opportunities for their communities and beyond.

The funding will support local councils across all of our regions to invest in projects that will create long-lasting value for their communities.

The Package has two streams of funding support.

Eligible to: Government

Application closes  at 11:59, Saturday 24 February 2024

AUS | Schools Upgrade Fund – Government Schools

Supports government schools to invest in larger-scale capital fund projects, such as new classrooms, building refurbishments, outdoor learning spaces or major upgrades.

Schools must have the support of their state or territory education department to apply for funding under Round 2.

A total of $215.8 million will be allocated to state and territory governments for projects at schools whose applications are endorsed by the Minister for Education.

Eligible to: Government, education

Application closes  at 11:59, Thursday 29 February 2024

SA | Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund

Provides funding for community cricket facility projects, with a focus on growing participation and promoting accessibility and inclusivity.

Eligible to: Government, Non-Government, education, community groups, sporting clubs, other

Application closes  at 11:59, Friday 08 March 2024

VIC | Regional Community Sports Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Community Sports Infrastructure Fund is a competitive Victorian Government investment program, open to Victorian rural and regional Local Government Authorities and Alpine Resorts Victoria.

The fund aims to deliver new and upgraded community sports infrastructure across four streams:

  • Indoor Stadiums and Aquatic Facilities
  • Community Facilities
  • Women and Girls Facilities
  • All Abilities Infrastructure

Eligible to: Sporting facilities

Application closes at 11:59, Wednesday 27 March 2024

ACT | Community Sport Facilities Program

Provides assistance to not-for-profit sport, recreation and community organisations to develop fit for purpose, sustainable and accessible places and spaces for sport and active recreation.

Funding can be used for the development of new, or the upgrade of current facilities which maintain or increase physical activity, through rational development of sustainable, good quality, well-designed and well-utilised facilities.

Eligible to: Non-Government, education, community groups, sporting clubs, businesses, other

Round 4 Application closes at 11:59, Friday 29 March 2024

WA | Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund – Small Grants

Provides financial assistance to community groups and local governments to develop basic infrastructure for sport and recreation.

The program aims to increase participation in sport and recreation, with an emphasis on physical activity, through rational development of sustainable, good quality, well-designed and well-utilised facilities.

There are two grant categories:
– CSRFF Small Grants (this listing)
– CSRFF Forward Planning Grants

Eligible to: Non-Government, government, community groups, sporting clubs

Application closes at 11:59, Sunday 31 March 2024

AUS | Regional Investment Activation Fund – Stream Two

Supports projects that are time-sensitive and strategically significant for a priority industry or location.

The $110 million Regional Investment Activation Fund (RIAF) will co-invest with eligible entities on catalytic projects that will deliver significant economic, social and/or environmental benefits for a priority industry or location.

Eligible to: Non-Government, businesses, other

Applications closes at 11:59, Tuesday 31 December 2024

AUS | Disaster Recovery and Emergency Grants

Supports community-based welfare projects.

Over the past years we have seen a significant increase in Disaster funding requests as our nation has been impacted in many ways through fire, flood, drought, cyclones etc. Impact has been seen by individuals through to whole communities and the Australian Lions Foundation has provided support funding to assist ways to match the needs.

Eligible to: Community groups, other

Applications close: Adhoc ongoing

WA | Community Place Based Grants

The Community Place Based Grants program provides funding for the development and delivery of co-designed, place based structured holiday and out-of-school activity programs in the Kimberley, Goldfields, Pilbara and Gascoyne regions.

The program includes a process to work with local government, Aboriginal leaders and service organisations, to embed sport and recreation in community-led activities and events that target vulnerable and at-risk youth and their families.

The aim is to fund programs for multiple years to ensure a consistent quality approach to programs to get traction, build capacity and have a collective impact.

Eligible to: Non-Government, government, community groups, sporting clubs

Applications close: Adhoc ongoing

VIC | Building Blocks Grants – Capacity Building Stream

Provides funding for projects that create additional infrastructure capacity for funded Three and Four-Year-Old Kindergarten programs by building new or expanding existing infrastructure.

The Building Blocks Grants Program has replaced the Children’s Facilities Capital Program and Inclusive Kindergartens Facilities Program as the Victorian Government’s investment vehicle through which funding support for existing and growing demand for Three and Four-Year-Old Kindergarten infrastructure is allocated. This will mean the sector can more easily navigate the options available when seeking state co-investment in their facilities.

Eligible to: Government, education

Applications close: Adhoc ongoing

AUS | Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund

This investment has been bolstered by the commitment of additional funding to the ACIF via the Grassroots Cricket Fund (GCF) of $1 million for 2023/24. The GCF is a partnership between the Australian Cricketers’ Association and Cricket Australia, with the funding being contributed by Australian cricketers to support cricket in local communities. 

The ACIF is open to all clubs, associations, schools, councils and cricket facility managers, acknowledging the important role that these partners play in providing facilities for community cricket across Australia. 

Eligible to: Non-Government, government, community groups, education, sporting clubs, other

Applications close: Each State and Territory Association varies

NSW | Community Investment and Partnership Programme

Supports local organisations, charities and projects that address areas of need in the Newcastle community.

The focus of the Programme is to:
– Deliver value back to the Newcastle community – particularly portside suburbs
– Address a specific need or opportunity within the community to contribute to the overall sustainability of the region
– Deliver benefit to many people (not just individuals)
– Build capacity, skills and/or knowledge within organisations or groups.

Eligible to: Non-Government, community groups, education, sporting clubs

Applications close: Adhoc

AUS | Bowls Disaster Relief Fund

Bowls Australia is committed to redirecting one-hundred per cent of all sums raised back to those clubs in need, who are able to access monies from the fund via an application process.

Applications for the Bowls Disaster Relief Fund are open for clubs who have been affected by recent natural disasters:

Eligible to: Bowling clubs

Applications close: Adhoc