Project Details

Who: Arora’s IGA Georges Hall
Industry: Commercial
Area covered: Carpark
Size: 12m x 27m
Finish: Hot dip galvanized
Cover: Commercial 95, ‘Steel Grey’


Key Design Advantages:

Low profile canopy reduces impact
on sight lines to centre signage
Robust steel coating to reduce wear
and tear in an active car park space



Arora’s IGA Georges Hall

BRIEF Arora’s IGA needed to provide shade for their loyal shoppers without impacting sightlines to the centre signage or introducing posts that could be hit by cars. They wanted to provide a nicer place for people to shop – who wants to return to a baking car when they’ve finished buying their weekly groceries? It was also important that no cranes were used during construction as the centre backs onto Bankstown Airport and cranes would intrude in the airspace.
OUTCOME Greenline’s car park cantilever has a slim profile that does not impede views and slender posts that are positioned in garden beds, right out of the way of patrons’ cars. The frame and construction methodology were such that no cranes were needed, and interruption to the centre’s operations were kept to a minimum.


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