Cabramatta Public School

Shade Fabric Hip Structure

Cabramatta school wanted a durable and permanent shade structure that provided shade for the maximum amount of time during the school day. The school opted for the highest quality finishes in both steel and shade fabric to ensure the longest possible lifespan for the shade structure, as well as the playground it covers.

Low structure edges maximise shade.
Framing design allows structure overhang past the posts, increasing shade area beyond the footprint of the posts.


14.5m x 18m

Powder Coated, Dulux Mistletoe

Monotec 370, Bundena Blue

Cabramatta Public School needed a shade structure over their playground to maximise shade protection for both mornings and afternoons while staff were supervising students on the equipment. They also needed shade to ensure that the play equipment would not be too hot to use in the summer months. The school was looking for a permanent solution that had no corrosion risks and was low maintenance.

The school chose Greenline’s hip structure as it allowed the structure to overhang beyond the posts and has low edges on all sides.  This means that the sun is blocked for as long as possible in mornings and afternoons, allowing for longer use of the playground every day. The school opted for powder coating on the steelwork, as well as selecting one of the strongest fabrics available on the market, to ensure that this structure is built to last.

Greenline’s scope included modifications to the playground fence, minor surfacing aspects and overall site control and project management. Completed on-time with minimum of fuss, the school was very pleased with the outcome and the children think it’s great they can use their playground regardless of the harsh summer sun!

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