Model Farms High School

Bird Proof Gable COLA

This gable COLA was designed and built to AMU (Asset Management Unit, NSW) specifications, and has given the Model Farms school community all year round use of their double sports courts.

AMU Compliant, including being bird proof
Skylit (Wonderglas)

Double synthetic sports courts.

34.5m x 33.5m 

Gutters: Deep Ocean, Flashings: Dune
Columns: Duragal

Colorbond CustomOrb with Wonderglas skylights

The Model Farms school had an existing shade structure which needed to be removed, as well as a rebound wall, and replaced with a weatherproof and AMU compliant COLA. The area was going to be transformed into a double sports court, so clearance heights needed to be kept in mind to ensure the space was fully functional for basketball and netball.

Throughout the consultation and design phase the focus was on details that would make this all-weather space as functional as possible. 1m deep ‘weather screen’ skirts were added on both long sides of the structure to further minimise the impact of driving rain, and AS3500 compliant plumbing was integrated into the structure to link the storm water to the nearby sports oval.
To ensure that this structure was compliant with AMU standards it was designed to be completely bird proof. This involved using soffit lining to seal off the underside of the roof, as well as keeping any exposed supports or beams at an angle greater than 45 degrees which prevents birds perching. Skylights were also included in the structure which keep the space bright enough for games, without the need for artificial lighting.

The final structure was fully AMU compliant and fitted in seamlessly with the look of the existing school buildings. The use of colorbond CustomOrb roofing and Duragal steel columns ensures that this structure is built to last and will provide the students at Model Farms High School with protection from the sun and rain for many years to come!

Meet the team that worked on this project: