Pierre De Coubertin Playground –
Parramatta City Council 

Cantilevered Star Structures

Two posts – massive shade! That’s what was achieved with the two star structures installed at the Pierre De Coubertin playground for the Paramatta City Council. These shade structures are built to last and designed to keep the community safe from the sun throughout the summer. 

– Extra height to minimise risk of vandalism
– Cantilevered design to reduce interruption from columns


Two structures, 8m x 8m

Hot dip galvanised

Commercial 95 Shademesh, Desert Sand


The Paramatta City Council were upgrading the whole playground facility at the Pierre De Coubertin Park to make it a more safe and vibrant place for the local community. This included new softfall surfacing, play equipment, and shade structures. The shade structures needed to provide maximum shade coverage and minimum obstruction to the playing area to make the space as safe as possible.


We designed two options for the council – either shade sails, or cantilevered stars. The council chose two 8m by 8m cantilevered stars, giving the park a total of 128m2 shade from just two posts – which were both located outside the perimeter of the playground! The structures were also designed to sit high enough above the playground to lower the risk of vandalism of the shade mesh.


The result is two highly durable structures, using galvanised steel finish (the most durable finish available) for the steelwork, and Commercial 95 Shademesh which has 10 years warranty. The structure will keep the community safe for years to come by providing 128m2 shade and excellent UV protection!

“Greenline undertake quality construction work, they deliver on time, and are great communicators. They are willing to go to extra effort to complete complex and sometimes challenging projects in a highly professional manner, as was the case with the latest projects that they worked on with me.”
Hassan Naddi – City of Paramatta


Meet the team that worked on this project: