Wiley Park Public School

Premium Shade Sails

Bright purple fabric that matches the school colours.

Synthetic Grass Play Area

24m x 14m covered by 2 Sails on 6 Posts

Hot Dip Galvanised

Architec 400 Shademesh, Grape

Wiley Park Public School needed to provide shade outside their demountable classrooms. They didn’t have any protected area for the students to line up or play under.
Along with this, the synthetic grass surface was too hot in summer and increased the UV exposure risk for students and staff.

In consultation with the school there were a few things we needed to look out for on this project. Firstly, the need to avoid obstructing the view of CCTV cameras already in the area. Secondly, this part of the school was a high use area which meant construction during school hours would be very disruptive, and lastly the school knew there was a lot of underground services running through the area that would need to be taken into consideration before construction began.

In the design phase of this project we lifted the structure by 200mm to ensure the view of the CCTV cameras wasn’t obstructed.
Prior to construction the underground services were all located and mapped by Greenline to ensure we knew where they were, and could avoid them during construction.
In the construction phase, the posts for this structure were installed on the weekend and the sails installed during holidays to minimise the impact on school activities.

The result? Two premium hypar shade sails, attached to six posts that perfectly match the school uniform and aesthetic of the area. The school also chose to have Post Pads included, to minimise the risk of injury to students in the area.
The total area shaded was 24 x 14 metres. Even with social distancing that’s over 150 protected from the hot summer sun!

Who worked on this project?