Cantilever and Umbrella Shade Structures

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Cantilever Shade Structures and Umbrella Shade Structures

Finding the right outdoor shade options can be difficult because there are so many choices out there. Greenline specialises in finding the perfect shade solutions for your organisation’s needs, offering customisable shade structures to suit any situation.


Some of the most popular types of shade include cantilever shade, cantilever umbrellas and of course, traditional star structures. We supply these shade options throughout Australia, and as you’ll find out, they can be extremely versatile while providing great UV protection. So, whether you need shade for public or commercial use, here’s everything you need to know about cantilever and outdoor shade star structures.

What is a cantilever shade structure?

A typical cantilever shade structure requires posts on only one side, with curved shade supports extending out to provide overhanging shelter. These types of shade sails are commonly used in walkways, restaurants or any area that makes it difficult to use posts on both extremities. The curved shape allows for proper water runoff, and the low profile offers great shade right beneath the sail.


Larger versions of cantilever shade structures are also commonly found in car parks because building standards often restrict the placement of poles in these spaces. Because you only need columns at one end of a cantilever structure, they can cover large areas of car parks without getting in the way.

Cantilever and Umbrella Shade Structures

Cantilever pool umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas work on the same premise as a standard cantilever shade structure, however, the shade provided is more of a traditional umbrella shape. The beauty of cantilever umbrellas is their versatility because, unlike conical umbrellas where the post is in the middle, a cantilever umbrella features a post on the side.  

This offers a huge benefit, particularly in table seating areas because you don’t need a large pole in the middle of the table in order to achieve shade. 

Star Structures at Bundoora PS

Outdoor umbrella star structures

Outdoor umbrella star structures are an innovative take on the traditional umbrella shade. We often refer to them as star shade structures because, unlike the smaller versions you might get with an outdoor table setting, our outdoor star structures are permanent and provide coverage to a bigger area.


Their shape is different from umbrellas, with the key benefits again being the ability for water to run off the sail easily. It’s also a cost-effective way to cover a large area with a series of well-placed conic umbrella structures in a courtyard or outdoor seating area.

Cantilever and Umbrella Shade Structures

Large outdoor shade structures

If you need something a little bit bigger, we can definitely help you out. Outdoor shade structures come in all different sizes, and it really just depends on the space you’re working with. Often, it can be beneficial to use several smaller structures, but for more coverage and fewer poles, you might prefer large outdoor star shade solutions.

Our team will always carefully assess your available space, its intended use, and how best to provide you with the weather protection you need.

Cantilever and Umbrella Shade Structures

When to use outdoor shade umbrellas in Australia

Outdoor shade umbrellas can be used in so many different situations. They have a low perimeter, which means you get excellent shade coverage directly beneath the umbrella. This makes them ideal for outdoor seated areas, such as cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and even pool areas.


Not only are they effective, but they also have a great visual appeal. A collection of conic outdoor shade umbrellas looks great and attracts attention, which is why they’re particularly popular in outdoor food service areas.

Greenline shade at Melanoma Institute Australia

When to use a cantilever umbrella in Australia

A cantilever umbrella can really be used anywhere, however, they’re extremely popular in smaller areas. Thanks to their sturdy design and versatility, they look great on decks or outdoor food service areas. It also means you can cover your outdoor seating without having an umbrella pole right in the middle of the table.


Cantilever umbrellas can really be used anywhere that you would use a traditional shade umbrella. Poolsides, cafes and restaurants – the list is endless.

Huxley Wallace | Project Consultant (NSW)
Greg Dovan | Project Consultant (Victoria)

Want the best cantilever umbrellas in Australia?

We offer a range of cantilever umbrellas and star structures. We’ve put years of development into our shade structures, so we’re confident in the quality of all our products. Best of all, we custom-design outdoor shade umbrellas and other shade solutions to your exact requirements. Whether you’ve got a new outdoor development or you’re adding shade to an existing space, our team can work with you for the very best results.

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