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How Cool Is Your School?

How Cool Is Your School?

Announcing Greenline’s partnership with SheMaps.

“We believe every student deserves to succeed with STEM, and every teacher should be empowered to help them do it.”

This is the vision of SheMaps ‘How Cool Is Your School?’ competition – Australia’s first school mapping competition. Its aim is to combat “significant health and safety risks to children” caused by thermal stress.

To enter the She Maps ‘How Cool is Your School’ competition, please click here.

Greenline have partnered with SheMaps to help spread the word about the competition. Emerging evidence suggests that heat has a negative impact on learning, including lowering “cognitive capacity under thermal stress” and poses “significant health and safety risks to children”.


The ‘How Cool Is Your School?’ mapping competition is held each year and is open to all students from Kindergarten through to year 8. Students are asked to map the amount of shade at their school, and these maps are then entered into a competition with DJI Trello drones up for grabs as prizes!

Free teaching resources, in line with the national curriculum, are made available to all schools that register for this competition. These innovative and engaging lessons can be taken outside the four walls of the classroom and put into practice in the great outdoors. Fresh air = fresh thinking!


As an educator, why should you register your students to participate in the ‘How Cool is My School’ Competition?

  • It’s a fun way to ensure you cover curriculum content this year including Science, Maths, and geographical skills
  • It encompasses the cross-curriculum priority ‘Sustainability’, and helps you incorporate this into your lessons
  • It helps your students to become critical and creative thinkers, and sophisticated problem solvers

How the competition works:

  1. Register your interest and get access to curriculum mapped teacher resources.
  2. Access the video tutorials and lesson instructions
    1. There are three different levels for this activity, based on the ability of your students.
  3. Teach! Begin the real-world mapping project with your students.
  4. And finally – upload your entries for your chance to win!

The School Microclimates Report, conducted by Associate Professor Dr Sebastian Pfautsch at Western Sydney University, has also found rising temperatures and the increasing frequency of extreme heat events across Australia pose “significant health and safety risks to children, yet little is known about thermal comfort of students and teachers in Australian schools”.

 To enter the She Maps ‘How Cool is Your School’ competition, please click here.