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Unprecedented Times

We keep hearing the word “unprecedented”, at the moment.  And this Covid 19 global pandemic is truly that.  We are explaining to our children that while it is a world that is new for them, itabsolutely new for all the parents and teachers too!  We could not have imagined even a month ago that we would be living in semi-isolation and working and studying remotely like this, but hey! Look at us all doing it anyway! 

Greenline are extremely proud to say that we are continuing to complete projects and that our incredibly committed team are continuing to design and build beautiful structures.  Beautiful, exciting spaces to grow, which will again, soon, be echoing with the sounds of learningplaying and being outside. Together. 

School shade sails

Greenline are choosing to see this time in a positive light.  Our usual sequence of events has dramatically changed.  We can still do all our preliminary planning with you, online and at a safe distance.  We can still make changes and find solutions through our design process – as always.  And one thing that we and all our clients have gained is time.  Time to plan.  We can plan for your outdoor learning area or new space and the installation process has now become simpler!  It is a fantastic time to make some big changes in your school and know that your project can be finalised and even completed while your students are not on the premises. If you are able, use this time to get us on board for improvements to your school and make the most of the opportunity to have something new and exciting for your students when they return. 

Call us to discuss new plans or moving plans forward.  We can get your new outdoor learning space ready for action when we all get back to our new normal.  Cover in a court or consider a structure that gives you new opportunities for innovative learning.  Any plans for extras like retractable sports equipment, installing a bubbler or powering your site can become a reality during this time.  We are already working in schools and completing projects despite this strange, new world and we can talk with you about how we can do this for you too!  

Author: Stephanie Plane